Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji, India

BADRINATH WITH BRAHMARISHI MOHANJI – September 20 to September 29, 2018

Gurulight takes immense pleasure in announcing and inviting all to its “Badrinath with Brahmarishi Mohanji” pilgrimage.


Visiting a temple or going to a place of power is in itself purification as each deity, each location, and each worship method opens up a new dimension in you that makes you complete. A trip to Badrinath is often a life changing trip. If you can actually inhale and merge into the vibrations of Badrinath, you will definitely go back as a different person. Badrinath is not explainable. Badrinath is to be experienced and the experience will last a long time — Brahmarishi Mohanji.

Nestled in the majestic Himalayas, Badrinath is home to the most revered temple of Lord Vishnu, situated on the banks of River Alaknanda and is a powerhouse of energy with positive vibrations and palpatory energy, a sacred location where Mahavishnu, the Lord of the Universe Himself, is meditating! It is the land where Lord Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata as narrated by Sage Veda Vyasa and the land that has been blessed by Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanuja, and several saints over centuries.


The importance of a Guru (spiritual Master) in our life is about the tattwa or energy which brings about the transformation in our lives. He resides inside each one of us and increases our awareness about gratitude in every little aspect of our lives. A profoundly powerful Spiritual Master, Brahmarishi Mohanji visiting the profoundly powerful abode of Lord Vishnu – Badrinath is definitely one of the primary reasons for not missing this trip. It is pure blessing to be able to visit all the power places in His presence. Pilgrimage and visit to places of power and sanctity by themselves trigger a lot of cleansing and as we imbibe the energy of those places, especially in the presence of a Master, they bring about subtle transformation in us. The wisdom and clarity of a true Master, a Master who is connected to the source, go a long way towards helping us maintain a peaceful, stable, and happy internal space, regardless of any circumstances and environment we might find ourselves in, long after the pilgrimage is over.

Badrinath pilgrimage is weaved together in a very interesting manner and spots to be visited are chosen with great attention according to its historic, religious, and spiritual reference.


This year, the added perk of attending Badrinath pilgrimage is the option of visiting Kedarnath Temple and Valley of Flowers (at an additional cost).

BadrinathKedarnathValley of Flowers
20 SepArrival to Haridwar post lunch.Ganga aarti at Har ki Podi.
21 SepHaridwarEarly morning Ganga dip at Har ki Podi. Visits to Lahiri Mahasaya Shrine at Shri Keshavanandaji Ashram, Maa Anandamayee Ashram and Neem Karoli Baba Ashram.Ganga dip, visiting powerful spiritual places and ashrams.
22 SepDeparture for Pipalkoti (By bus)Local tour on the way. Night stay at Pipalkoti.
23 SepDeparture for BadrinathCheck in at hotel, followed by lunch. Local visit to temple complex.
24 SepBadrinathMaha-abhishekam, Performing Ancestral Pooja, Visit to Vishnu Charan Paduka. Satsang with Mohanji.Satsang with Mohanji in the evening.
25 SepBadrinath.Visit Badrinath temple, Visit to Village Mana (Ganesh Gufa, Vyas Gufa, Bhim Pool, River Sarasvati). Meditation/satsang in the eveningMana – the last village of India, almost touching the Indo-China border. The Pandavas passed this village on their way to heaven.
26 SepDeparture to HaridwarNight Stay at Rudra Prayaag
27 SepHaridwarVisit to Vashishta Cave. Night Stay at Haridwar.
28 SepDeparture to Delhi after breakfastEnd of Tour/Departure after breakfast
20-25 SepAs per Badrinath Itinerary.
26 SepDeparture for Gupt KashiArrive at Kedarnath’s base camp Gupt Kashi. Night Stay at Gupt Kashi.
27 SepKedarnath (via Helicopter)Visit Kedarnath temple. Return to Gupt Kashi after darshan. Night halt at Gupt Kashi.
28 SepDeparture for HaridwarVisit to Vashishta Cave enroute, night stay at Haridwar
29 SepHaridwarEnd of Tour/Departure after breakfast
20-24 SepAs per Badrinath Itinerary.
25 SepDeparture for Govind Ghat Helipad by busReach Gangharia by helicopter, uphill trek to VoF. Return back to Gangharia on same day, night stay at Gangharia.Visit the heaven on earth.
26 SepKedarnath (via Helicopter)Join the Badrinath group at Rudraprayag.
27-28 SepHaridwarAs per Badrinath Itinerary.


  • For pilgrims who OPT OUT of Valley of Flowers, they will stay back in Badrinath and can Meditate at temple and/or visit places nearby at their convenience.

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Badrinath PilgrimageB only61,000970782
(Cost Per Person,B + MA65,5001040840
Twin-sharing basis)B + MA + VOF73,7001169944
B + MA + K78,50012461006
B + MA + K + VOF86,70013761111

** B (Badrinath) ** MA (Maha-Abhishekam) ** VOF (Valley of Flowers) ** K (Kedarnath) 

  • Pricing INCLUDES taxes
  • Please note that this pricing is based on twin sharing basis
  • Additional charges will apply should you require single accommodation

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  • Pray for the salvation of your ancestors by taking a dip in the divine Ganga at Har ki Pauri, the place sanctified by nectar falling from the sky, believed to be visited by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and which holds a footprint of Lord Vishnu.
  • Visit to the Samadhi of Lahiri Mahasaya, Keshav Ashram, Haridwar, a powerful liberated Master who was initiated into Kriya yoga by the great transcendental Master, Mahavatar Babaji.
  • Visit to Rishikesh known as a magnet to spiritual seekers and the Yoga Capital of the world and witnessing the Ganga aarti at the ghats.
  • Visit to Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, a Siddha Purush and staunch devotee of Hanumanji, also known as the mystic saint of North India.
  • Visit to the most powerful and spiritually enriching Vashishta Gufa (cave) situated on the banks of River Ganga where Sage Vashishta mediated for hundreds of years and resonate with the saintly vibrations and positivity…an excellent opportunity to reclaim your inner peace and tranquility.

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  • Visit to the Tapt Kund, hot water springs, known for their healing and medicinal properties.
  • Visit to the famous Badrinath shrine to soak in the meditative powers of Lord Vishnu along with a chance to witness the maha-abhishekam (optional) being performed on Him.
  • The Badrinath pilgrimage is focused on lessening karmic baggage which can be achieved by performing pind-daan (ancestor ceremony) at the Brahma Kapal Ghat to bring salvation and redemption from sufferings.
  • Performing tarpan (offering of water) to divine entities.
  • Witnessing the evening aarti performed for Lord Vishnu followed by chanting of the Vishnu Sahastranama.
  • Visiting the sacred rock, Charan Paduka, which has imprints of Lord Vishnu’s foot.
  • Visiting the last village of India, Mana where Mahabharata was dictated by Veda Vyas in the Vyas Gufa and penned down by Lord Ganesha in the Ganesh Gufa. River Saraswati, otherwise known famously as the lost river, is seen prominently in Mana.

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