Being with Mohanji at Sedona, USA

You are cordially invited to our Being with Mohanji retreat to be held at the beautiful new Courtyard by Marriott Sedona in the awe-inspiring and mystic land of Sedona in the USA from March 13th to 17th, 2017.

The Being with Mohanji retreat is essentially about YOU with the Master in a powerful natural surrounding. So what is expected of you? Just be yourself and express your true self. Mohanji says, “Spiritual life means being YOU. Being Natural. Connecting to yourself. Recognizing, understanding and merging with yourself”. The Master comes in handy provided you know how to use Him to reach yourself.

Morning yoga will be conducted as per the schedule of the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) under the expert guidance of Devi Mohan from Serbia. Through early morning water therapy, yoga, pranayama, sitting and walking meditation, inner cleansing will be greatly enhanced. Sattvic vegan food will go hand-in-hand with the detoxing and inner cleansing. But the priceless value of Being with Mohanji retreat is the real alchemy that happens in the expanded aura of the Master. In the right moment, when one is open and ready to let go, the spark in the inner space of an individual triggers true transformation. This experience can be even more powerful when it happens in a spiritually charged energy field as in Sedona.

What is required from the participants is full-time mindfulness, receptivity and discipline with love. This Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience inner bliss and lightness. Sedona is intensely spiritual and sacred. Nestled amidst striking red sandstone formations, Sedona is believed to be a center of vortexes that radiate Earth’s power. The radiant beauty and mysticism draws seekers to its lap year around.

The retreat is primarily focused on detoxing at all levels, through each of the five elements that constitute our body, i.e. detoxing at the:
Cellular level: through Mohanji’s super intense “conscious breathing”, as well as other Pranayama and Shatkarma techniques (air element);
Physical level: through Yoga asanas, Conscious Walking, selected vegan food, early morning water therapy (earth and water element);
Emotional level: through meditation, silence, blessing and forgiveness (space/mind element) tuning into unconditional love;
Spiritual level: through Shaktipat (fire element) and;
– From being in the presence of the Master, the rare blessing of being in the vibration and aura of Source.

This is an opportunity to be guided by Mohanji through the 4 days of the retreat to establish a connection with your Self – Wouldn’t this be a real blessing for a true seeker?

Retreat Details:
Venue: Courtyard by Marriott Sedona
Address: 4105 W. State Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona, USA
Retreat Start Date & Time: 13th March 2017 (Monday), at 6pm
Retreat End Date & Time: 17th March 2017 (Friday) at 5 pm.

Registration process:

The registration process for “Being with Mohanji” retreat will be as follows:

    • Please note that this is a Paid Event.
    • We request the prospective participants to write to for complete details including retreat fees and payment information
    • We request the prospective participants to complete the online application form

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