Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

A tourist visit to Bosnian pyramids is an experience in itself, but visit to Bosnian pyramids with Mohanji with his special, guided meditations and cleansing methods at the most powerful energy points at the pyramids, is an experience not to be missed!

Those of you who have experienced Shaktipat from Mohanji in the underground tunnel Ravne (which is proven to have the vibration of a mother’s womb and Satya Yuga (golden age), has the unimaginably fresh prana-filled air with a constant mild breeze rich with negative ions, mighty megalites and healing chambers – the list goes on…) know what we are talking about.

Meditation at the top of the Sun Pyramid, where Mohanji showed us the mighty spiral of upward energy and shared other profound insights, super-charged deep meditation at the Tumulus, Vratnica (a cone-shaped hill with immense energy on top), powerful cleansing of emotional baggage at the top of the Moon pyramid – all these (and more) are precious memories cherished by those who have experienced Bosnian pyramids with Mohanji before.

This is Mohanji’s third visit to the pyramids in Bosnia. This time he takes the experience a mighty notch higher by including a sacred initiation into Consciousness Kriya, an indescribable technique which cuts across karma and aims at final spiritual liberation. For Consciousness Kriya initiation one needs to apply well in advance – please find all the necessary information in Consciousness Kriya. The existing Consciousness Kriya initiates from around the world are most welcome to join us for the unique experience of Kriya at the selected energy points at the pyramids. And of course, aside from Kriya practice and initiation, all others are also welcome as the program will cater to all groups.

Although the trip to Bosnian pyramids is an event on its own, energetically it is in perfect continuation with the processes that the “Being with Mohanji in Hvar, Croatia” Retreat participants will be experiencing 6 – 14 May 2017. It is highly recommended to first undergo profound cleansing at this exclusive 8-day Retreat to prepare the subtle body, along with the physical body, for the powerful Kundalini-related experience at the Bosnian pyramids. Energy of the pyramids, along with the Consciousness Kriya and Mohanji’s direct guidance/presence indeed are a rare, priceless combination for one’s spiritual awakening.

As the number of places is limited and the interest is high, please register at the earliest, or latest by 1 April 2017. For all further information please contacts us on

More about the Bosnian Pyramids:

Before venturing to Bosnian Pyramids, it is highly recommended to view the following coverage of this phenomenon on Discovery Channel Bosnian Pyramid Discovery

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids is the world complex of pyramidal buildings. It consists of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun (Visočica), more than 220 m high (much higher than the Keops pyramid), then there is Bosnian pyramid of the Moon (Plješevica) which is 190 meters high, pyramid of Bosnian Dragon (Buci) which is 90 metres high, and cultivated highlands of the Temple of Mother Earth (Krstač) and the pyramid of Love (Čemerac).

The pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon form regular equilateral triangle with the distance of 2170 meters between the tops. The orientation of the sides of all pyramids is regular, towards the cosmic North. In the conclusion of “The first international scientific conference about Bosnian valley of the pyramids” in August 2008, fifty-five leading world experts from 13 countries concluded that “Bosnian pyramids are an archeological phenomenon which needs to be intensely explored.”
The authenticity of these creations has recently been confirmed by the world experts, after many years of controversy about whether it is an ancient pyramid which is man-made or just a geological formation.

“Before all, these pyramids have played the role of GPS marker on the Earth. Pyramids in Bosnia secure energetic influence which intensifies spiritual activities”, claims the Russian pyramid scientist and builder of modern pyramidal complexes Valery Uvarov. The buildings on Visocica hill (pronounced ‘Visochitza’) are ones of the oldest on the planet, adds this archeologist.
Several other experts confirmed that at the moment it is the greatest archaeological discovery ever and the work of highly developed civilisation from the prehistorical period.

The visit to this pyramid complex includes meditations with Mohanji on the following locations:

Visit the prehistorical underground labyrinth which consists of a network of tunnels and rooms. The tunnels are illuminated and underbuilt, with an average height of the ceiling being 2 meters. Part of the tunnel which is adapted for the tourist visits spreads over about 850 meters in length, the air temperature is constant throughout the year and is 12 °C, so it is necessary to have appropriate clothes.
Besides artefacts which have been discovered there, the real value of the tunnel is in the recorded values like concentration of oxygen, high concentration of negative ions, Shuman resonance, bioenergy, etc. which enable your body to revitalize there both physically and mentally. For these reasons we have provided an unobstructed space where one can be in order to improve health, as well as in places on a specially energetically potent spots, near Megalith K2, the room with the highest concentration of negative ions.
Shaktipat by Mohanji at this amazing tunnel is an experience not to be missed.

The oldest and the biggest pyramid in the world. The visit includes sightseeing of archeological excavations on the North part of the pyramid, where one can see surface blocks made of concrete which had been discovered under the big layer of the soil and vegetation. There is a possibility to visit “energy rock” which has healing properties.

Sightseeing of the artificially made cone-shaped hill at the top of which have been recorded strong energy spots as well as ultrasound beam at the very top, which makes it an ideal place for meditations.

Being 190 meters high, it is the second biggest pyramid in the world (The Big Pyramid in Egypt is up to 147 meters high). Touring includes the visit to the excavated terrace plates.

The top of the biggest pyramid in the world is captivating not only because of the view on Bosnian pyramids valley but it is also attractive for touring because of the read off scientifically proven energy phenomena: electromagnetic and ultrasound energy beam with the constant frequency of 28kHz. Besides these phenomena, the pyramid of the Sun is significant as a multi-layered archeological finding where there are remains of several cultures from the recent history (the fortress of Bosnian kings from the Middle Ages, remains of Illyrian and Roman culture).