Bliss of Silence

A 41-Day Meditation Program

In this time of high stress and anxiety, Mohanji’s guided meditations are perfect tools for improving your mental health by bringing inner peace and stability.

“We meditate to get in touch with our soul. To go within ourselves. To go beyond the senses. We use the same mind, which usually travels with our senses into the external world, to go within and to find our origin, truth or soul. Peace exists there. Happiness exists there.” - Mohanji

Mohanji has given powerful guided meditations, of which Bliss of Silence is a meditation that brings inner stillness and is perfect for this situation.

We invite you to join a 41-Day program of BLISS OF SILENCE Meditation conducted by Mohanji Acharyas.

About Bliss of Silence Meditation

Bliss of Silence is a 40-minute guided meditation that is ideal for rejuvenation & relaxation at the level of the physical body, leading slowly into stillness.

When everything becomes silent within, then it’s a state of peace and bliss. At that moment the situation outside will not affect you much and will help you in total acceptance. No matter what happens outside, you feel, “It’s ok, I’m peaceful.”

Who can attend

Even if you have no stress or anxiety and just would like to feel positive with a sense of purpose in life, are most welcome to attend these sessions.

A seeker who wants to see a transformation within themselves and lead a healthy, stable and balanced life of love, peace and happiness being with themselves.

When is it happening

41-Day event starts from 31st May, Monday finishing on 10th July 2021. The sessions will run in three time slots every day covering three time zones as below:

  • 7 PM IST (Monday to Saturday, on Sunday, 11 AM IST)
  • 7 PM CET
  • 7 PM EDT

How to register

Please click on the Register button and fill up the required information to join this program


We request you to donate as per your capacity. All your donation will go to the Stand with Bharat initiative by Ammucare & ACT Foundations.

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