Face your fears

Face your fears

What if you could remove your fears, reconnect to your inner brightness and become fearless?

12th – 18th April

Are you struggling with anxiety?

Are you familiar with that feeling when you wake up in the morning and don’t know what the day will bring? 

Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed?

Are you afraid of what the future might look like?  

At the moment, we are living in very turbulent times, times of uncertainty, anxiety, and fears. By thinking about the future, many fears and anxieties may come up and we may lose the joy of the present moment. The present is all we have. The past is gone and the future is unknown. However, our future depends on our attitude and our ability to let go and release all the unnecessary baggage that we carry through our life – suppressed emotions, fears, negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, etc.

Can you imagine how your life would be without all these fears:  fear of death,   fear of people, fear of talking in public, fear of doing a task, fear of failure, fear of not receiving approval from people, fear of criticism, fear of judgment and many more?

All these fears are preventing us from reaching our goals in life and expressing our full potential in the world. We fail to enjoy the present moment and we postpone our happiness. By nature, we are all unique and much more powerful than we think we are!

Take this opportunity to look into the eyes of fears and become free and limitless!

“Fear is connected to illusions. There’s no room for fear. There is a saying that when you can sleep in brightness, darkness cannot touch you. That means, when we are connected to our inner brightness, the real truth, there is no possibility of any fear to happen. The secret for a fearless existence is connection, deep connection to our inner brightness.”   Mohanji

Why should you join this program?

Through this program you will:

  • Get guidance and gain strength to become aware and face your fears
  • Remove many inner blockages and emotional weight
  • Reduce the weight of painful and traumatic memories from the known and unknown past
  • Be guided step by step by Mohanji Acharyas through unique, safe and powerful methods and techniques
  • Increase faith in yourself 
  • Get clarity of your true potential
  • Be empowered to set new life goals and live purposefully
  • Have increased capacity to deal with the challenges and stresses of life
  • Gain more physical, mental and emotional stability
  • Experience true happiness by living in the present moment
  • Have group support and environment where you can open up and feel free to share your experience
  • Learn how to live fearlessly and dare to be YOU!

How does this program work?

  • It is well-known that Pranayama (breathing techniques) from Himalayan School of Traditional yoga have many beneficial effects on our body and mind , including calming down effect and releasing stress and fears. You will learn how to use these powerful techniques in everyday life whenever you feel stressed.
  • Each time Power of Purity meditation is practiced, deep inner healing and cleansing takes place. You will have the opportunity to unhook from the past through forgiveness and gratitude. 
  • Chanting will help us to increase our frequency, increase the brightness, so that lower frequencies, including fear, may not touch us. Chanting is also a powerful protection against all kinds of negativities.
  • Through power talks and group discussion, you will gain the strength to reestablish faith in yourself and to accept and live your uniqueness
  • Through Online Mai-tri session of energy cleansing and harmonizing, with the specific intention of releasing the fears, with Mohanji’s grace, you will become lighter and brighter. 
  • During the Forgiveness process, the deep transformative method led by Mohanji, you will be guided on how to release the patterns that you have accumulated because of the painful and disturbing memories from the past, in a simple and effective manner. In this way, Mohanji is helping us to make the best use of the lifetime, move forward in life with ease, fluidity, and complete freedom for a better, much higher purpose.

What do you get in the program?

Program details & schedule


The participation fee for this program is Euro 49  

By participating in this program you are supporting the Mohanji Centres of Benevolence.