Freedom through forgiveness

Freedom through forgiveness

Unhook yourself from deeply rooted emotions, shed unnecessary baggage and soar into lightness and FREEDOM.

Why do we need a program for forgiveness?

One thing we all struggle today with is the ‘weight’. It is not our body weight, rather the weight inside us, in our mind and consciousness. We carry a lot of baggage through our experiences with situations, people, or even karmically too

Throughout our life, we have come across people and situations that may have hurt us, wounded us, and left us with anger burning inside us.
And on the other hand, we also have knowingly or unknowingly caused problems to others – nature, beings, and people – thus carrying a huge amount of guilt inside us.

Regrets of having missed out on things – opportunity, appreciation, etc. also form a vast dark cloud in our mind. How long do we have to drag this baggage with us? Do we need to carry this weight with us?
Of course not. We all deserve to fly in freedom, being feather-light. Let us drop this weight and shed this baggage.

‘Forgiveness’ is a virtue that can help us immensely to achieve this FREEDOM. We can unhook ourselves from the darkness of guilt, anger, etc.
Inspired by Mohanji, we bring you three weeks of the intense action of Forgiveness through contemplation, intention, and techniques of Mohanji.
Starting from the outside world – nature being external to us, we will slowly move to our inner world in the three weeks with powerful methods given by Mohanji to take us through the deep cleansing processes over three weekends.

To honour the energy exchange of Mohanji Acharyas and the powerful guided processes included in these programs, the fee for this program is 41.

You can pay through the link provided via email upon your registration.

What will be done during this program?

The 21 days are planned carefully with daily individual activities, few group activities conducted by Mohanji Acharyas a few days during the week, and a powerful group session on Sundays. The details of the sessions as below:

Daily: Individual activities

Every day, you will be given a guideline document to take you through this journey, that will cover the below

  1. Contemplation questions
  2. Statement of Forgiveness (asking for forgiveness or giving forgiveness)
  3. Affirmation messages
  4. Optional activities which have some specific actions. The participant can choose to do as many of these he or she can or choose to do or none of these if it’s not possible for some reason. These are the recommended activities, but totally optional. We do not mean to add any pressure to the participants.

Weekly: Group activities conducted by Mohanji Acharyas

During the week, on various days, we will include guided sessions conducted by Mohanji Acharyas based on methods and techniques given by Mohanji. These activities are planned carefully that helps you to progress the journey. Please see the schedule of these Group activities planned for each Week as below. More on Sunday Group Sessions explained below too

DayWeek – 1Week – 2Week – 3
MondayConscious WalkingBlossom of Love meditationBliss of Silence meditation
WednesdayOnline Mai-Tri MethodOnline Mai-Tri MethodOnline MaiTri Method
ThursdayAcharya videoAcharya videoAcharya video
FridayPower of purity meditationPower of purity meditationPower of purity meditation
SundayGroup Mai-Tri Method Zoom sessionForgiveness Process over ZoomSatsang with Mohanji

Sunday: Group sessions

On Sundays, we will have very potent and unique guided processes, a two-hour-long Zoom session

These will include Group Mai-Tri Method by Mohanji Acharya and the recently launched Forgiveness Process in Mohanji’s voice and Satsang with Mohanji on the last Sunday of the program where we will let go of the last bit of darkness and get clarification on all doubts that we have been carrying with us.
After the week-long contemplation and affirmation processes, the special, powerful technique on Sundays will help you go to a very deep level of your causal layer to melt all tightly solidified blockages and expel it out of your inner space.

More details

Upon registration and payment, you will be sent a WhatsApp link to join one of the regional groups. Once you join the WhatsApp group, you will be guided by our Acharyas in your region through the activities and assist you with any queries you may have.

The daily guideline write-up will be posted on the Whatsapp group for the individual activity that you can complete during the day at your convenience.

The guided activities will be scheduled on Zoom sessions, two times on a day to enable most of the participants to attend at least one slot. The timings of these sessions will be announced on your WhatsApp group

The Sunday special session of Group-MaiTri & Forgiveness Process will be done at a time suitable to few zones. So we will have at least two slots on the day to cover these processes. In these sessions, participants from more than one region will be joining.

The final Sunday session of Satsang with Mohanji, will happen only at a particular time (to be announced soon) on that day. Participants can send their questions prior to the day. It could be possible that the Live Satsang session could be early morning (as early as 4 am) for some or late at night
(as late as 10 pm) for some. We will make the video of this Satsang available to all participants so that even if you have missed the live session, you will still get the answer to your question (if you have sent it earlier) and will be able to watch the entire session.

This session with Mohanji will be available in English only.

We may be able to have some groups and sessions in other languages such as Balkan, Spanish, French, Farsi, etc for people who are unable to follow English.
Based on your choice of language, you will be able to choose the right WhatsApp group for you.

Program Fees

The achievement from Mohanji’s techniques as part of this three-week-long program is invaluable.

To honor the energy exchange of Mohanji Acharyas and the powerful guided processes included in these programs, the fee for this program is 41€. You can pay through the link provided via email upon your registration.