A powerful Sadhana by Global Mai-Tri Practitioners

With the Corona Pandemic worsening in many countries, the Mai-Tri Practitioners, globally,  inspired by Mohanji have come forward to do a special chanting sadhana which will bring protection and healing to everyone impacted (directly or indirectly) through the immense power of the Mai-Tri Mantra.

From 26th April 2021, this 21-day Sadhana is commencing!

This is not just any chanting session, this is a sincere sadhana that instruments of Mohanji’s healing energy are going to do 6 times a day, every day for 21 days!

Time Slots of Chanting

How can you participate during this sadhana?

During any of the slots above, you can sit down quietly with eyes closed, in the comfort of your home, and connect to the vast ocean of healing energy flowing through Mohanji’s consciousness when the *powerful Healing Mantra Chanting* is happening.

 You can also send a personal prayer request for yourself or any close family member (s) which will be included during these chanting sessions.

How to send a personal prayer request?

Submit your details by clicking the button below.

Please use one entry for one request only – either one name or names of members of one family.

Fill in separate forms for each family. 

 Donation towards Energy Exchange

To respect the energy exchange, you may wish to make a donation to any of the Country channels mentioned below.

Please give the reference as “Donation towards Mai-Tri Healing Chanting”

For India:



A/c name: Ammucare Charitable Trust

AC / no: 00000010620047858

Bank: State Bank of India

State: Palakkad

IFSC Code: SBIN0012886 

For UK:


For Serbia:


Addiko Bank

For South Africa:


For USA:

Paypal to “usaactfoundation@gmail.com”

For Canada:

Paypal to “canada@mohanji.org”

For any more information, please contact “Mai-tri@mohanji.org”