Meditation and Intro Talk by Devi Mohan, Cyprus

For the first time in Cyprus, Devi Mohan, the disciple and wife of Spiritual Master Mohanji, will be conducting Yoga workshop, Power of Purity meditation and Mai-Tri Healing.

Sunday, 23 July, 19:00 – 21:00 pm: Intro talk about Mohanji and his spiritual mission followed by the Power of Purity (POP) meditation with Mohanji Energy Transfer.

Private residence, in vicinity of Tycoon apartment, Limassol, Cyprus (Contact: +35796235079 )

Free of charge, open for all.

All of us take extra care to purify our physical body by taking showers and wearing clean clothes. But do we consider cleaning our inner space? Like the physical body, if the inner space is not taken care of, it may lead to various diseases.

POP it is a deeply cleansing meditation that has effect on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It is downloaded to Mohanji by the Higher Masters for elevating the humanity. It guides you to forgiveness, positivity and bliss. Liberation happens when the inner space is clean from trapped emotions, afflictions, and various habitual conditionings. When we effectively unhook from the past including events, traumas, guilt, places and people we become completely liberated in due course. Forgiveness from the heart establishes gratitude in place of these afflictions. Unconditional love sprouts and life becomes purposeful.

With regular practice, these benefits could become stronger, building up into real, life-transforming results.

The Power of Purity meditation is designed to bring you to your Self. The aim has always been to elevate as many people as possible to higher consciousness.

Many people have actually experienced the difference from where they began and where they are now.

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