Mohanji Speaks – Online Satsang | 24th June 2018

Mohanji Speaks – Online Satsang

Come and join us for an Online Satsang with Mohanji via Zoom on the 24th June 2018.

Location: Online Satsang via Zoom –

All questions should be emailed to with “Mohanji Speaks” in the subject. Questions can be emailed during or before the Satsang.

There is a limit in the number of connections on the zoom link, so it is advisable for people located nearby to get together for the satsang.

Date and time: June 24th, 2018
9:30 PM Indian Standard Time
12:00 PM USA Eastern Standard Time
6:00 PM South Africa Time
6:00 PM Serbia Time
5:00 PM UK Time

To access the session, copy this link to your browser