Reinvent Yourself with Mohanji Acharyas

Reinvent Yourself with Mohanji Acharyas

Have you ever wondered?

  • How to remain strong in every situation?
  • How to remain stable in the face of emotional fluctuations?
  • How does one build awareness?
  • Is flexibility important to cope with life?
  • What does true freedom really mean?
  • How can we find our purpose?

To help you reflect on these issues and find answers, Mohanji Foundation is happy to bring a unique series of programs led by Mohanji Acharyas. This online series is aimed at helping you experience transformation through practical spirituality, by building awareness and acceptance, to discover your highest potential and purpose in life.

Each session would focus on a specific topic and share insights and techniques from Mohanji. 

Join in to experience the breadth and depth of Mohanji’s teachings as acharyas, trained personally by Mohanji, take you through various techniques and methods such as meditations, breathing exercises, traditional yoga, satsangs on various life topics and stories of transformation through personal experiences. 

Connect daily at 8 pm IST/4:30 pm CET/10.30 am EST, live on Mohanji Official FB Page.