Through Kindness To Inner Joy

Through Kindness To Inner Joy

A 21-day program of
Contentment through Selflessness & Kindness

WHY do we need a program of Kindness?

Kindness is not just an emotion, it is a responsibility!

The fact is that the world does not need more successful people. It desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, positive storytellers and people making positive change and leading by example. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world a better place for all species. Kindness is fundamental to human existence. World peace will happen when humanity raises its consciousness beyond that of fear and hatred.

Through our thoughts, words and selfless actions, when we help the helpless beyond the boundary of species, we achieve contentment and fulfillment. Kindness is not something that demands hard work. It originates from the simple act of doing no harm to others. AHIMSA – non-violence is our chosen path and our strength. It is the right thing to do.
Kindness has many benefits including increased happiness and a healthy heart. Improves relationships and connections, which enhances your health.
Through the 1990s, the late Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments examining the natural effects of words, prayers, music and the environment on the crystalline structure of water. He noted when kind and loving words were conveyed to the water, they formed a complete crystal structure compared to energies of hate and anger. Considering approximately 70% of our body is made up of water, kindness has a direct impact on our health.
In this time of responsibility, express your gratitude through kindness and compassion towards the beings of Nature and the helpless among human beings.

As Mohanji says, “Compassion, kindness and selflessness nurture and maintain the highest possible vibrations inside, and the higher frequencies of life. Be calm. Be Good. Do Good.”

An important aspect of kindness is kindness towards ourselves. Self-kindness refers to acting in kind and understanding ways towards ourselves. Research has shown the positive consequences of self-kindness and self-compassion on numerous aspects of our well-being, including greater life satisfaction, emotional intelligence, better connection with others, wisdom, happiness, and optimism. Self-compassion and self-kindness are also associated with less self-criticism, depression, anxiety, and fear of failure.
There are different ways to practice kindness. One way to be kind is to open your eyes and help when you see people in need. A kind word, a smile, opening a door, can all be acts of kindness. Celebrating someone you love, giving honest compliments, sending a thank you email, helping an elderly neighbor with yard work, sharing homemade food, refusing to gossip, and donating old clothing and things you don’t need are all ways to practice kindness.
Let’s practice it together!

WHAT will be done during this program?

During the 21-day program, our focus will be on various activities to bring out the aspects of kindness, including charity activities related to food, shelter, health, education, clothing, and environment.
Our acts of kindness in thoughts, words, and actions will include all species of Nature with an emphasis on Ahimsa (Non-Violence).

This program includes:

● Daily contemplations (Thoughts) – Guided through written material / videos etc.
● Group discussions (Words) – Talks on veganism, environment, social service, experience sharings by relevant speakers
● Acts of Kindness (Actions) including:
a. Participation in any existing or planned activities of ACT/Ammucare
b. Carry out any acts of kindness on your own during the program
c. Vegan cooking
● Group Chanting sessions

HOW will you be communicated/guided for the Sessions?

The whole program will be led by Mohanji Acharyas in regional WhatsApp groups and Live Zoom Sessions.
Week 1:
✓ Monday – Guided instructions for the week
✓ Tuesday – Live Chanting session
✓ Wednesday – Act of Kindness videos
✓ Thursday – Live Chanting session
✓ Friday – Act of Kindness videos
✓ Saturday – Group discussion on Environment
Week 2:
✓ Monday – Guided instructions for the week and he Vegan recipes
✓ Tuesday – Live Chanting session
✓ Wednesday – Vegan Cooking video
✓ Thursday – Live Chanting session
✓ Friday – Vegan Cooking video
✓ Saturday – Group discussion on Veganism
Week 3:
✓ Monday – Guided instructions for the week
✓ Tuesday – Live Chanting session
✓ Wednesday – Act of Kindness videos
✓ Thursday – Live Chanting session
✓ Friday – Act of Kindness videos
✓ Saturday – Group discussion on Selfless service

FEE for the Program
The program is free of charge. We would appreciate a donation which will go towards the initiative of Mohanji Center of Benevolence*, which incorporates the ethos of kindness and selfless service.

Join us in making the world a better place for all species!

*Mohanji Center of Benevolence 
Mohanji has spelled out a clear vision to have abodes (or centers) in many locations across the world which he calls as “Centre of Benevolence” that will demonstrate kindness, compassion, and ultimate benevolence to all beings who come in there. 
Mohanji has instructed, “Everyone will be welcomed, healthy vegan food will be served at all times, anytime – 24X7.“ Where needed, clothing and medicines will be provided too. 
These centers will offer a safe shelter for abandoned/ elderly/ helpless people and they will be cared for in all aspects through a lifestyle of non-violence (ahimsa). 
Wherever possible and required, Centers of benevolence will also support and empower underprivileged children. These spaces would have facilities such as a library, play areas, toys and serve as a haven for the children to have a secure and loving time there. 
In addition, as suitable in each location, the Centres of Benevolence would support all spiritual practices given by Mohanji, such as meditation, Kriya, Mai-Tri, etc. Chantings and prayers would happen regularly, enhancing the vibrations of all who step in or reside in these abodes. 
In short, along with focusing on the basic essentials such as food, shelter, clothing, well-being, and education, the Mohanji Centers of Benevolence would provide an atmosphere of ahimsa (non-violence), kindness, unconditional love, and rejuvenation to all.