Weekend Program with Mohanji in London

You are cordially invited to our “Weekend with Mohanji” program in London. This will be held at Gilewell Park Activity Centre, Chingford, London.

What it’s About and Why You Should Attend

The Weekend with Mohanji program is designed for busy modern people. Its main focus is on relaxation and rejuvenation. With increased clarity, you will learn how to let go from your daily stresses and challenges and connect to your Self.
Yoga, Meditation, Shaktipat and Satsangs with Mohanji create equanimity in existence, better self-control and preservation of energy. During this
weekend program, Mohanji will guide you to refocus, realign and rejuvenate. Purification happens on all levels – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – through multiple routes:

  • The Yoga schedule is designed to cleanse and activate various elements within the body, with a heavy emphasis on breathing exercises (pranayama), including a special technique called gapless breathing.
  • Emotional and intellectual cleansing is the most significant process, given the day-to-day material lives we lead, and the impressions we build in that process. First level of awareness building and cleansing is through discourses and Q&A sessions with Mohanji. While His presence alone has a very intense purifying effect, satsang is a beautiful medium for this transfer and connection. He delivers knowledge and guidance with directness and simplicity, perfectly tuned to each individual’s requirements.
  • To bring the usually wandering mind to the body and to the present moment, we use various meditations and techniques for purification, peace and stability.

Even though the key aim is rejuvenation, a weekend with Mohanji creates companionship, oneness, kinship and togetherness. This is a unique way to enjoy and bask in the high-frequency energy of Mohanji and share the same world.

Program Schedule

Reach: 22nd July (Fri) evening at 6.00 pm for registration
Leave: 24th July (Sun) at 2.00 pm


Gilwell Park Activity centre
Chingford, London, E4 7QW


“My favourite aspects of the week were Shaktipat, Satsangs with Mohanji and simply being with Him in physical proximity. The Shaktipats I felt were like fire pulsing through me via his hands and touch. I absolutely know that a divine seed was being planted in me, and in all the participants, which in time will be hugely transformational for all.” – from a participant in the Panch Tattwa Retreat, November 2015

“Deep cleansing, detox, healthy living, relaxation for the mind, aligning of the body-mind-intellect trio, Yoga, breathing techniques, Satsangs, conscious walking, gap-breathing, Mantras, or, in totality, an absolute awareness building in the subtle level. This is how I would like to explain the whole program in a nutshell!” – from a participant in the Serbian Retreat, May 2015

“Money cannot buy this relief. The inner transformation was unbelievable.” – from another participant in the Serbian Retreat, May 2015

For any additional enquiries, please reach out to Vijay Ramanaidoo at 07758 287868 or send an email to uk@mohanji.org