Yoga & Detox Retreat with Mohanji in Croatia

You are invited to the first ever Yoga and Detox Retreat with Mohanji in Croatia, a special Retreat of purification, detoxication and spiritual elevation in the presence of the Master.

The retreat is primarily focused on detoxing at all levels, through each of the five elements that our body consist of, i.e. detoxing in:

– cellular level through “gapless breathing” (air element),
– physical level through yoga asanas, selected food and water (earth and water element),
– emotional level through meditation, silence, blessing and forgiveness (space/mind element) tuning into unconditional love,
– spiritual level through Shaktipat (fire element) and Yagna (ancient yogic technique of cleansing through fire), and
– synchronicity from being in the presence of the master, in the vibration and aura of the source.

During the retreat Mohanji will be giving Satsangs to guide us in letting go of conditionings and going beyond the mind which prevents clear vision of direct absolute truth and keeps a person in relative truth. Focus is on inner sensations and being in the now, not on concepts. It is not about getting or becoming something, or reaching somewhere. It is about realizing through one’s direct experience that what you really are and have always been. Through early morning water therapy, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation, your cleansing will be greatly enhanced.

What is required from you is your full-time mindfulness and discipline with love. This Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience inner bliss and lightness for which alcohol, smoking and intoxicants of any kind are not required and can be overcome. Sattvic vegetarian food will go hand-in-hand with the detoxing.

The retreat will take place in the hotel Korinjak (pronounced Korinyak) on a beautiful island Iž which can be reached by a regular trajectory ship, a 30 min ride from the coastline city of Zadar. Korinjak is a modern hotel, the only hotel on Adriatic coast that serves exclusively vegetarian food and is specialized in conducting holistic programs aimed at self-development at all levels.

As per the holy geometry, the island Iž is located at the very center of the Mediterranean. It is protected by UNESCO as a rare island that fully preserved its natural habitat. On the island there are two small cities, Veli and Mali Iž, with 5km of distance between each other. Veli Iž is located on the north-eastern side of the island and since 1471 it carries the name “The village of St. Peter on Iž” (“Villa di San Pietro in Eso”).

Location: Hotel Korinjak on Island Iž, Dalmatian Coastline, Croatia
Dates: 26th June – 2nd July 2016
Early bird discount is applicable if full payments are made by 20 January 2016.
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