Are pilgrims required to make health assessment?

While the Master’s and Lord Shiva’s grace is always there to help the pilgrim complete the yatra, it would be advised for the pilgrim to ensure and work on their physical fitness to avert the possibility of a debilitating or an emergency medical situation.

  • This Kailash with Mohanji pilgrimage is not advised for pregnant women and those suffering from chronic health problems like epilepsy, heart ailment, psychological problems and major physical disabilities.
  • We would strongly recommend that you consult with a physician to help you take a studied call on your health condition vis-a-vis high altitude environments before you embark on the trip.
  • Your safety will always be our highest concern. Based on the health/medical details provided in your application form, the Kailash with Mohanji team may request you to furnish a provisional clearance from your doctor and/or, optionally, a go-ahead from your next-of-kin as a pre-condition for registration.