How does one prepare for “Outer Kora”?

The Outer Kora yatra involves a strenuous 50km parikrama (circumambulation) around Mount Kailash over 3 days. In particular, the second day of the parikrama is a long and tough day involving a 22km trek up and down Dolmala Pass which is at an altitude of 5800m.

Mules and porters are available at additional cost to transport the pilgrim and their baggage respectively through the parikrama. However, low oxygen environments due to high altitude coupled with the intensity of effort puts a lot of physical toll on the pilgrim. Further, Kailash is an energy powerhouse that, in the presence of a Master, will effect powerful spiritual transformation that may manifest as physical symptoms such as pain, body ache, etc. or emotional upheavals. Hence, the participants must ensure that they have the requisite fitness levels and the flexibility and agility to navigate such terrains as also the mental fortitude to deal with the travails of intense spiritual transformation.

The Chinese authorities may reject the entire group if they deem anyone from the group to be unfit to continue on the parikrama. Further, if the pilgrim health breaks down during the parikrama, it puts the pilgrim’s life at peril at a location where emergency medical help is unavailable and emergency evacuation is the only way out. Any additional expenses for emergency evacuation will need to be borne by the pilgrim themselves. This also creates undue pressure on the support apparatus for the rest of the group due to diversion of sherpas to escort the pilgrim back.

Hence, our Sherpas assess every pilgrim’s health condition before we start off on the parikrama and take the decision on the spot on whether to permit the pilgrim to continue on the parikrama or not. The pilgrims deemed unfit will proceed back to Kathmandu along with the pilgrims from the Manasarovar track.

This decision will be binding and non-negotiable and no refunds will be given if the pilgrim’s health is deemed unfit. Further, any additional costs the pilgrims have to bear on additional stays at Kathmandu or elsewhere, before their return back home, will have to be borne by the pilgrims themselves. In case you have doubts on your fitness condition, kindly choose the Manasarovar track which is not as physically challenging.