How can I best set up my meditation space?

Although a meditation area or room is not essential, a dedicated space can greatly enhance your experience, allows you to relax, be free of all interruptions and distractions and meditate at your full potential. Make sure the light is dim, have 3, 5, 7 or 9 lamps burning (preferably oil lamp, otherwise candles are fine) and a slight fragrance of incense sticks. Pictures and idols of deities, saints and Gurus you follow will also help you to create your own sacred space. Make sure all phones are switched off. But please remember that, ultimately, meditation does not require any special arrangements. You can meditate anywhere, in nature, your home or a public space. Those who meditate regularly often experience the most powerful meditations are those done together with others. You can meditate collectively with your friends, family and community members. The energy of a group is stronger than that of an individual.