Follow your Heart, follow your Conscience
Follow your Heart, follow your Conscience

Follow your Heart, follow your Conscience

Hello, my dear friends. I hope you are doing well.

I was discussing with a friend of mine from the past many years ago when I was probably in my late teens or early 20s. The discussion was about what I’m doing in the world.

His question was, “Why did you leave a career which you built up over 22 years?” I said, “It’s very simple; the level of satisfaction that I was getting from my repetitive activity was much less than investing my time for something positive in the world. The other one was an activity, which was quite lucrative, it was paying, and I was probably very happy. But the satisfaction level was different.”

He is still working, and he asked, “What’s the way out?” I said, “Determination, and just that kind of strong urge to get out of your comfort zone and plunge into the unknown.” It can go positive, or it can become negative. We don’t know. But if you really feel that you can do something much different and more satisfying, even if it is uncertain, or even if it is hard work, or even if it is hardship, it’s fine because that will take you forward.

Our problem is usually that we are so used to comfort zones, and many of our relatives or families or dependents depend on it. We are afraid to come out of it because we think ten times about the pros and cons, and finally, we won’t take action. We allow the comfort zone to continue. I said that’s probably the reason why I decided to take a plunge here.

He asked me, “What are the repercussions you experienced?” I said, “One of the main things I experienced is many of my old contacts disappeared because they were just connections based on a profession, or a situation or a position, that disappeared and completely vanished. Many of my past friendships just vanished.” I tried to rejuvenate some of them, but they wouldn’t come back because they can’t see me in a different atmosphere, doing a different thing, or following a different passion; they can’t see me like that.

It’s not my handicap; it’s not my problem because I decided to pursue something so totally different from what I used to do all these years. Definitely, there was nothing I could have done about it. Of course, I didn’t call up everybody and say that I’m leaving this profession and stuff like that. Many of them thought that I would continue in the profession.

I did try for that, I had a kind of a partnership company, and I tried to continue in my profession because I had tremendous contacts, and people trusted me. But the person whom I trusted the company with took it away, speaking badly about me and stuff like that, which is history. That was his way of doing it.

Anyway, my profession is totally deleted, and a new activity started. Many people who actually connected to me, I felt that they have some kind of an ego barrier. First of all, many of them cannot accept or appreciate that I chose to follow my passion, or I chose to do something totally different and intangible and uncertain in life, almost like a suicide, which means exiting a profession which is paying to something which we don’t know about. It’s suicidal for many people, and they wouldn’t really want to be part of it or even support it in a way.

Some of the earliest supporters I lost because they thought that I’m crazy. Another aspect is that some of them had ego issues to connect to me, and they said, “Oh, that’s not my philosophy!” or that “You’re trying to say something which is intangible and immeasurable.” They didn’t want anything to do with it, so they left as well. Then there are certain people who later on, found that I have a certain popularity, and I do things in the world, in many countries and stuff like that. Ego rose in them. Some of them called and said, you know what, we can’t look at you as what you are today, but if you like to have a connection like before, we can continue.

I never ever disowned my past.

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