Freedom from patterns

Freedom from patterns

By Trent LeightonCanada

I first encountered Mohanji roughly two years ago through a video on the Sai Baba Speaks YouTube channel. Initially, I was struck by the immediacy and power of his divine transmission but also extremely suspicious that he was intent on poaching devotees of Sai like myself from our Guru. As I began to dig deeper into the life and teachings of Mohanji, these doubts and misgivings quickly evaporated. First of all, it was clear to me that Mohanji was, in fact, deepening and authenticating my connection to Baba, not competing against him. Secondly, he was providing an open invitation for me to address long-overdue issues in my life through a practical, real-world spiritually, problems and blind-spots that I had been ignoring for decades by hiding behind a false persona of devotion and second-hand self-realization.

Having been involved with a number of teachings, traditions and spiritual communities since my teens, I learned early on the art of the spiritual bypass, that is selfishly using the Guru as a means of escaping life demands. In a matter of months, Mohanji completely put the breaks on these deeply entrenched patterns by instilling what I can best describe as an unconditional and loving motherly demand to use his grace to address matters in my life head-on, with firm conviction and faith. At the top of this list was my drug and alcohol abuse that has exacted a huge toll in my life for the past 25 years. 

I had become an expert in manipulating books, meditations and teachers to hide this reality, the fact that Mohanji not only pointed out but did not let me use his realization to perpetuate my addiction. Every time I attempted to convince myself that getting high would accentuate his meditations, Mohanji would slam the door shut, literally and viscerally. I have never experienced anything like it in my life; the absolute full stop that his watchful eye has provided every time an impulse or urge to use drugs arises.

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