From Imprisonment to a life of purpose

From Imprisonment to a life of purpose

Translated by Inigo Jesus Conlu

When I was sentenced and sent to prison, I was extremely scared. In my first week there, I was made to sleep on the floor. What made it worse was being next to a stinking bathroom where I could not sleep because everyone was passing by to get to the toilet. The only time I could rest and sleep was when all the inmates were already asleep. I can never forget that during my first few days, I was bitten by a cockroach and I really suffered a lot. There was no one that I could ask for help. I got sick because of the heat and congestion but nobody ever helped me. No one would take care of me inside the prison cell. I also suffered from separation anxiety, missing my wife and my son BJ. There was a group who used to visit us and sing prayers. When this group came and prayed, I could not control my tears as I felt remorse.

What really made me change was when Wee gave me the responsibility to look after the free library that the group placed inside the prison. This made me realise that there are people who still value me as a person and would still show their love and trust in me. And as the days went by, I started to realise the difficulty of living with the absence of my family and peers. But this made me look within, and I found myself learning how to pray and seek a closer relationship with Jesus. There were so many hindrances to all my hearings which I never saw as something negative but used them to build hope and strength in me.

Then in one of the visits of the group, Wee introduced to all of us her meditation teacher, and she even left his picture with me when they left. Little did I know that the man in the picture would change my life forever! The man in the picture as said by Wee was miraculous Mohanji. Wee explained that Mohanji was not a God. She told me that Mohanji was a man who has given himself to help the world, to bring out the goodness in the world and create changes through meditation, yoga and selfless service. She said that Mohanji sends love, help, and guidance to those who seek. It made me curious. So I asked Wee more about Mohanji and she would tell me that whenever I feel down with life I could talk to Mohanji and ask for guidance because he always listens. Even some of my inmates asked me about him, so I just shared with them who Mohanji was as explained by Wee.

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