Fruit Tree Plantation Drive by Mohanji, Slovenia

Fruit Tree Plantation Drive by Mohanji, Slovenia

Mohanji inaugurated the Fruit Tree Plantation drive on the scenic and beautiful land of the Mohanji Peace Centre in St Ana, Slovenia on Sunday 4 April. The plantation continued on 5th April too.

Amidst the restrictions of the Covid lockdown and other obstacles, this beautiful initiative miraculously got organized in no time and made this day truly memorable for the Slovenia team, filled with joy.

The Fruit Tree Plantation Drive, a sustenance movement by Mohanji, is a global movement of planting 100,000 fruit-bearing trees in 2021. Ammucare and ACT Foundation globally have geared up for this drive, inspired and motivated by Mohanji.

Fruit-bearing trees not just provide shelter and green cover to Mother Earth, but also provide food to beings – human, animals, birds, etc. – Annadanam to the hungry and continue to serve generations.

“Fruit tree plantation is not just an act of kindness, it is a social responsibility. This is giving the fruits of kindness to the coming generations beyond species. Fill the forests with fruit trees. Plant more fruit trees in and around your city. It brings sweet grace to our lives beyond time.”


Write to if you would like to participate in this drive.

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