God & Spirituality – the truth
God & Spirituality – the truth

God & Spirituality – the truth

The truth about God and Spirituality | Mohanji

We should never be deluded. True spirituality is not about sensations. It’s about stability. Please remember if somebody says, “I had great experiences”, and you didn’t have any experiences, it means nothing. When you are still, you are the experience; you will not have experiences. When you come closer and closer to yourself, you are the experience. 

You are the experience

Imagine a drop falling into the ocean; the drop cannot experience the ocean anymore. The drop is the ocean. When a drop is separate from the ocean, it can understand there is an ocean apart from it. There is a lot of water apart from it. But when the drop falls into the ocean, it becomes the ocean, and where is the experience? It itself is the experience. You can’t say what the experience of being in the ocean is. 

True Spirituality

Do you understand what I’m saying? So if you want an experience, you have to maintain a mind. If your aim is to dissolve the mind, then the experience becomes you. Even your whole idea of praying to somebody changes. Who will you pray to? When you start experiencing the presence of God inside, how will you pray to something outside? See, these are things that are just theories; if you don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter. 

Experience of God

Please understand that there are so many things we have understood based on books or something outside, like a concept. God should be like this. It should have a human form. It likes and dislikes people. Somebody says, “I like you”, somebody says that I don’t like you. You show your hand, “I’ll beat you.” This kind of God I have never seen. I never experienced it.


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