Good Relationships – Interview with Snezana Dakic
Good Relationships – Interview with Snezana Dakic

Good Relationships – Interview with Snezana Dakic

Mohanji’s interview with Snezana Dakic, the Serbian TV presenter, on the topic of good relationshipsThe interview took place on 2nd Jun 2021.

Q: Please tell us how do we choose the right (love) partner and how do we know who the right person is for us?

Mohanji: Basically, it is frequency.  Sometimes we connect to somebody out of infatuation, the looks, the presentation, or the personality.  But that’s probably not the right partner. The right partner is somebody who meets us with the right frequency, which has more longevity.  The right partner always gives us our freedom to be ourselves.  This is very important.  Not “I love you, if you become something else”.  It is not possible for us to become something else.  We are what we are and what we can do is to adapt to some extent, but not completely change.

The right partner always gives us the freedom to be ourselves – Mohanji

All the other people in the world are already taken; we cannot be somebody else.  So, the right partner is somebody who allows you to be yourself and he/she is being himself/herself.  This kind of compatibility happens with a high level of maturity and lack of ownership.  A true partner – a person whom you can live with, should have no ownership, and have a high level of compatibility through allowing that freedom, or the personality to be fully expressed.

Q: How do we give freedom to someone and what does that really mean and how do we receive that freedom?  What does that mean in real life?  How to feel the frequency – for normal people?

Mohanji:  We are all unique beings.  There is nobody like us.  There could be similarities, but we are not the same.  We are unique and we have great capacity as unique beings.  If we start respecting the uniqueness in another or if we start respecting the uniqueness in ourselves, automatically we will start respecting the uniqueness in other people.  If we can develop that level of respect, it automatically gives the freedom of communication and connection.

Freedom is something natural when your connection is filled with respect, and that respect should be coming out of a great understanding of the uniqueness of the individual. Everybody, even a bird or an animal, is unique.  Two leaves of the same plant are not the same, they are different.  That uniqueness is something that must be understood. The moment we start understanding the uniqueness, all we will have inside us is love, respect, compassion etc.  That automatically gives the room for freedom.  We respect the person as they are.  We will not ask them to change for our sake. We allow the person to be free to be himself/herself.

Q: You don’t mean one is free to go and have other lovers and adultery?  A lot of people think – if I let him go, he will go and find someone else.  So, they stick with their partners, they put limitations, they are possessive…

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