What is the right type of meditation?

The one that works for you. The best practice is being aware of your every thought, word and action. A constant alertness. Being in the present. When you are established in the present, through constant practice, you do not need to practice any other meditation technique. When you are a witness to your own thoughts, words and actions, you are in the present. Awakening will dawn upon you automatically, just…

What do I need to meditate?

You don’t need anything except yourself. You can sit on a chair or in a cross-legged position on the floor, ideally on a carpet or yoga mat. Try to keep your movements minimal during the meditation and your spine always erect.

When can I practice the meditation?

You can practice it at any time of the day, everyday, once a week or whenever you feel the pull. It is your choice. We recommend Brahmamuhurta time (3am till 6am), when the atmosphere is charged with special spiritual force.

How can I best set up my meditation space?

Although a meditation area or room is not essential, a dedicated space can greatly enhance your experience, allows you to relax, be free of all interruptions and distractions and meditate at your full potential. Make sure the light is dim, have 3, 5, 7 or 9 lamps burning (preferably oil lamp, otherwise candles are fine) and a slight fragrance of incense sticks. Pictures and idols of deities, saints and Gurus…

What is the chronology of meditation?

First is vasana (inherent interest to explore ourselves), Second is knowledge (jnana – to satisfy mind and intellect), Third is contemplation (mananah – to satisfy the intellect), Fourth is meditation (dhyana – to go beyond the mind and intellect and reach the soul). Then happens layana (merger), samadhi so on and so forth.

I cannot meditate. What should I do?

Do not meditate. Never force anything on yourself. You will start hating it sooner or later. You can start with being aware of your breathing. Breathe consciously. Eat consciously. Drink consciously. Do everything consciously. It will give you the same, or an even better effect, than meditation. Doing meditation is an internal call.

I have been practicing rigorously, but lately I feel that I’m not evolving. Why?

Doing easily becomes a ritual. You will be chanting, but your mind will be musing on other matters. Evolution is not possible this way. Conscious efforts happen only as long as it takes to learn a mantra or practice. Then the sub-conscious takes over. It becomes a ritual. Conscious mind does not need to bother anymore. There is no evolution in this process. This is happening to most people. If…

How can I maintain purity after practicing meditation?

Be aware of every thought, word and action. Whatever you take within should be pure. What is pure? Something which is not selfish. Something which is selfless. No rituals can bring that purity. Selfless actions elevate man to the highest. The emotional trash that we carry over lifetimes is the primary cause of terrestrial entanglement. Liberation is impossible unless this trash is completely removed. Prevention of further accumulation is essential…

Can I pass on the meditation or conduct it in a group?

Sure, we encourage it. Many have been conducting the meditations as a selfless service for the benefit of society. The Power of Purity meditation is also being conducted at places such as shelter homes, orphanages, old age homes and blind schools. Our team can guide you on how to best conduct the meditations in public. Mohanji also developed methods that prepare us for the meditations and are part of group meditation…

During the meditation I experienced different and strong emotions. What was that?

When we release trapped energies, fears and anxieties, it has to go through the mind. We often do not know that there are so many emotions sitting within us. Actually what you experienced was not a meditation, but a cleansing process. This is why the same meditation, when it is repeated, gives different effects. You can’t clean your inner space within one day or one meditation. So, consistency is important…