Team Mohanji wishes everyone a very happy Datta Jayanti

Team Mohanji wishes everyone a very happy Datta Jayanti, commemorating the birthday celebration of Lord Dattatreya (Datta) and dedicates this newsletter edition to Lord Dattatreya.

About Lord Dattatreya

Lord Dattatreya (Datta), who is shown in the combined form of the Hindu male divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – is the founder of our glorious Nath tradition (the Path of Shiva) from where the great masters like Nav Nath saints, Shripad Shirvallabh, Swami Samarth, Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, among others have walked the earth. He is also the founder of the Shakti paths having revealed the sacred Sri Vidya tradition to the world.

Lord Dattatreya and Nath Tradition

Lord Krishna called all the higher beings before he left his physical frame and told them that the purpose and message of His avatar must continue in the whole universe. He chose nine people as its messengers. They are the Nav Nath Saints. They are Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath, Jalandarnath, Kanifnath, Gahininath, Bhartarinath, Revananath, Charpatinath and Naganath. They are the nine Narayanas. The name “Narayana” means the “destination of man”. Lord Krishna Himself Narayana, summoned the Nine Narayanas, who are projection of Himself to His presence and ordered the formation of Nath sampradaaya. Thus Krishna expanded Himself from one to many. The purpose was the continued preservation of Dharma and their realm or “karma bhoomi” was the whole universe.

Lord Krishna called upon Dattatreya; he was the Yuga Acharya (means teacher of the era) of the Dwapar yuga (era) and told him, “I’m afraid that once I leave the body, what I came for, all my teaching will be forgotten. We should do something.” So Lord Dattatreya codified a system, a tradition, called the Nath tradition based on Lord Shiva, the stature or state of Lord Shiva, totally in happiness, he needs nothing. When can you be truly happy? When you are fine with what you have and you are not worried about what you don’t have. Then you are happy! So that is a simple tradition that I follow and there are lot of masters in the same tradition. You can see a minor deviation with the masters, because everybody has their own orientation, we all have our unique flavor and that is the main thing that we are giving to the world, that’s how people recognize us. This is Nath tradition.

Nath tradition has only one purpose, Liberation which is beyond enlightenment

Liberation while living means detachment from all things around you. But at the same time it doesn’t mean you don’t experience life. You can be in everything but at the same time you are not bound by anything while living. And what is liberation while dying? Less luggage, means less desire

Lord Dattatreya and Shakti Tradition

Legend has it that Lord Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, had taken a vow to rid the earth of all Kshatriyas (royalty). He then challenged every Kshatriya in the land and killed them all. Their blood was collected in a pool in Kurukshetra, and Parashurama offered oblations to his forefathers with it. His dead ancestors appeared and told him to desist from his bloody revenge. Accordingly, he retired into a mountain fastness and lived as a hermit. Hearing on one occasion of the prowess of Lord Rama (the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu), his wrath rekindled and he came back to challenge him. Lord Rama accepted Parashurama’s challenge and got the better of him. Parashurama realized that the next avatar had taken birth and that his work as an avatar had come to an end.
After his encounter with Rama, Parashurama returned crest-fallen and on his way met an Avadhuta named Samvarta, the brother of Brihaspati who advised him to seek Dattatreya. Later he encountered Lord Dattatreya who showed Parashurama his aghora form, lying with his head in the lap of a naked woman, drinking alcohol and dishes of meat around him. Parashurama was disgusted and decided to leave this ghastly sight. When he turned back again, Lord Dattatreya showed his true form with Goddess Anagha Lakshmi, Kamandalu and the four dogs that accompany him.
This was transformative for Parashurama who tried six times to attain the highest while living life in the society. Here Lord Dattatreya gave him the method, the Tripura Rahasya (the secrets of the Divine Mother), to be both in the world and still be liberated. Parashurama thus realized the Self by the guidance of Lord Dattatreya and imparted the knowledge which he had gained from Dattatreya. He was thus instrumental in enabling the compilation of the knowledge of the Highest Truth for the benefit of mankind.

Celebrate Lord Dattatreya’s Birthday

Mohanji has summed up the values of our Nath tradition in a simple way, “Help the helpless.” Hence, the best way to celebrate Lord Dattatreya’s birthday is to provide the basic needs – food (annadaan) and clothes (vastradaan) – to the needy. Always remember that we are offering it to Lord Dattatreya – the Divinity that exists in all beings. So only offer those things that you would accept – no stale food, rotten food, torn, worn out or unwearable clothes. It is insulting to the Divinity that resides in them.

It would be great if you can do this yourself. You can buy a few packets of biscuits or some packed lunchboxes and distribute in your area. Feed stray animals in your area. Leave some water and grains for the birds. Leave some sugar syrup for the ants, insects, etc. Everyone can do something. You can get rid of the unused clothes sitting in your house and distribute it amongst the needy or give it to any charity organization. If you can’t find the time for whatever reason, then contribute to a local charity that may be doing this service. You can also check with the local ACT/Ammucare/Mohanji Foundation center as well.
People can chant the Lord Dattatreya mantra Om Shri Gurudeva Datta or Lord Dattatreya’s Gayatri “Om Digambaraaya Vidmahe Atri Putraaya Dheemahi Tanno Datta Prachodayat or Aum Avadhootaaya Vidmahe Atri Putraaya Dheemahi Tanno Datta Prachodayaat as many times as possible

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