“Harmony celebrate age” exclusive interview with Mohanji on Mantra for successful aging

“Harmony celebrate age” exclusive interview with Mohanji on Mantra for successful aging.

Mohanji beautifully explains the importance of spirituality in life and its role in wellness and self-healing.

Here are some quotes from the interview

Awareness is the antidote to hatred. The awareness that we are here on tourist visas and have no rights on earth, let alone over earth, is important. Nothing belongs to us. All we can carry from here are memories of our experiences and also perhaps desire for more experiences.

Success is a state of total acceptance. When we accept our-selves as we are and not as we seem to be, we have become successful. Success or failure as society sees it has nothing to do with real success. A successful person is one who has lesser dependencies.

The spirit is the most neutral part of our system. The spirit or soul is not interested or interfering in our journey called life. When we start experiencing our soul more and more and start to express its character of non-intrusive freedom, state of liberation and no binding, we will start releasing all the emotional blockages from our system. Healing is spontaneous. Mind holds diseases; soul liberates them.

Ageing is a process and part of the karmic contract. Our acceptance of the current time and state is the best way to evolve with age

Details on the August 2017 issue of “Harmony celebrate age”

Magazine website: http://harmonyindia.org/

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