Healed by Nature

Healed by Nature

By Liz Flood, UK

Trees: Guardians, sentinels, connections between Earth and Ether, orchestras of Torus. Beloved Devi Mohan has offered beautiful reminders about the capacity of trees to assist our healing and spiritual awakening. Through the grace of shared awareness and truth, I humbly describe this experience in the hope it finds resonance with others who may also be helped by these most enduring and stoic of beings and, in turn, encourage us to use our compassionate awareness to help other beings.

These months of lockdown have been, for me, such a privileged time; it has been difficult to believe possible.  Chance to rest, reflect, accept and heal in unspeakably profound silence with the suspension of all demands and duties. I barely spoke – nor wanted to – for weeks on end.  It has been a precious gift of re-connection and harmony with a healing Earth, during which love and gratitude often rose spontaneously like a fountain springing tears of blissful joy.  I had no embarrassment at all – no one was there to see, and I sometimes chose to believe that each hot drop carried a vibration of love and compassion to other beings who, at this same moment, might be suffering due to the pandemic.

Inevitably, the soft edges of this enchanted bubble became more permeable, and encroaching responsibilities and requirements crept slowly into focus. I tried to maintain some sense of balance and detachment as duties returned, recognising in myself the selfishness inherent in any resistance.

Yet as my boundaries continued to be challenged and broken, I could see that each abrasion and scratch represented my causal layer in action.  In fact, it grew clear how many bad habits and thought patterns were affecting my ‘normal’ life, impairing my ability to add value to the world and progress spiritually. I badly needed clearing out and cleaning up! So when the 41 days of Power of Purity (PoP) meditation programme was announced, I grabbed the chance.  It’s been truly lovely and more wonderful still to find myself waking up and looking forward to seeing a group of people grown fond and familiar by Zoom.

Just over halfway and today, I accepted that the past few days had been taken over by extreme negativity; I have been bleak and black. Ego suffuses me with a sense of being unworthy of all the incredible help and support I have been given, and I’m unlikeable. Everyone just wants to contradict me and tell me I’m wrong. About everything! I might as well stop bothering.  I really can’t concentrate at all during Kriya or PoP, so don’t deserve them. I am blinded by a dark cloud of shame and unhappiness.  Oh, Mohanji! How can I offer up such a cesspit, a concoction of tamasic ingratitude, a well of self-pity? You deserve better!

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