Maitri Healing



Why do we need healing?

Every being that has manifested a physical body on this planet does so within the boundaries of his/her own individual and group (family, friends, community, country, planet) karma that facilitates experiences in the terrestrial world. Unfortunately, due to strong emotional attachments and incidences that leave intense emotional impacts in our subconscious, we carry many emotions into this birth from our past births.

Past lives are no longer a belief system by a small group of people. Documented studies have been published describing the existence of past lives, emotions brought from past lives and memories of past lives. The Journal of Scientific Exploration, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, and Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research are a few journals that have published articles and case studies proving the existence of past lives. Books by Dr. Brian Weiss from USA have also contributed a lot in bringing the subject of past lives into attention of the larger international audience.

The stored or suppressed emotions from past lives and current life bring lots of blockages and challenges to be overcome. However, there is hope to overcoming the effect of the karma and blockages. One of the main reasons for healing is to try and remove (as much as it is karmically allowed) various types of blockages in this terrestrial dimension. This also depends from the degree of recipient’s receptivity and karmic background, which is why nobody can promise any effect of healing.

Removal of the blockages is only meant to facilitate the actual primary purpose of receiving healing, which is to grow spiritually and eventually merge with the Divine. The main reason for healing is to recognize who you truly are and to identify yourself with the Divinity that you intrinsically and truly are.



Mai-Tri healing

Mohanji started his public life as a spiritual Guide, as he humbly called himself, in the year 2007. As his teachings spread into many countries, and more and more people started connecting to his consciousness, many testimonials started flowing as to how people have been healed by connecting to His consciousness – through meditations, chanting, by performing aarati, by connecting with his eyes. By simply keeping Mohanji’s picture and connecting with His eyes, people spontaneously started practicing healing techniques using Mohanji’s energy.

Hence it became imperative for the Mohanji team to create a system that cannot be misused in any way, a system that would be used only for good, creative and positive purposes for the benefit of all. Hence, the Mai-Tri Healing Board was constituted and they took the initiative to formulate Mai-Tri Healing as a system of energy healing. Aside from helping the recipient, Mai-Tri Healing also helps the practitioner (M Healer) to evolve spiritually, stay connected to the Source and to be an instrument of healing of others.



Mohanji on Healing

We are healers. Each one of us. We all are natural healers; every man, woman and child naturally possess the capacity to heal themselves. Every bird, animal and reptile heal themselves. Healing is part of our constitution. Healing is part of creation. Healing, revitalisation and rejuvenation are aspects deeply connected to the very fabric of terrestrial existence. Healing happens automatically, as long as mind does not prevent it.

Spontaneous healing takes plays when we allow nature to function without interruption. Healers are just intenders. They intend healing to take place. The receiver allows it to happen. Healing happens. Healing is karmic. Karma has roots in emotions. When emotions trap memories and fears, energy is blocked. The nature of energy is movement. Nature of life is also movement. When energy is blocked, it signifies the state of death. Stagnation creates diseases because the flow of energy is blocked. When there is no energy flow to cleanse, create and rejuvenate, cells die. Energy blockages are the reason for almost all psycho-somatic ailments.

Healers are external stimuli, helping the receiver to remove the energy blockages. Removal of energy blockages itself is called healing. The cause of ailments are trapped emotions and corresponding energy blockages. The result are diseases. If there is deep karmic agenda which the patient asked for to experience, no healer will be successful with that patient. The willingness to let go of the trapped emotions is essential for a patient to be healed. Nobody can force healing on anybody. Healers are only mediums who intend healing. The patient is the facilitator as well as recipient. No healer is facilitating healing. They are just intending. And if their intention provokes similar intention in the healed, healing takes place.

Source for healing is nature. Unlimited power lies in the nature. Masters who have conquered their mind and connected themselves to the source are equal to the source. Healing is directly linked to infinite energy source. Any master who is connected to the infinite source can be a true channel, medium or source. Those who connect to this master can be good intenders.



Mai – Mother, Tri – Three, meaning Trinity as well as three shaktis (Iccha, Kriya and Gnyana); three aspects of Devi (Lakshmi (Wealth), Kali (destruction of negative tendencies within us) and Saraswati (knowledge), and three murti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva combined together as Para Brahma. Trinity combined is also Lord Datta.

The word meaning of “Maitri” is friendship, companionship, collaboration, united or simply togetherness. Unless the channel of energy and the healed trust each other and unite in purpose, healing cannot happen. Healing is the choice of the healed. Illness is a karmic need created by suppressed or compressed fears, feelings and emotions from the past. Traumas from the past always leave a dent in the sub-conscious mind. These impressions work as blockages in the energy conduit. Smooth flow of energy ensures a healthy life. Blockages ensure ailments. The healer works as a lens against the rays of sun. He or she unites the rays to become a force which can burn the blockages created through time. The sun here is the tradition of guru, great masters and the mother energy. The lens that channels the energy in a focused way is the healer. The faith in the healed facilitates the healing. This is the collaboration.

Mai also means Mother. The word mother represents unconditional love, protection, care, consistency of emotions, continuity, life, creation etc. Mother also represents levitation as in the womb experience. Womb represents the creation as well as healing. A child finds solace, comfort, freedom and peace in the company of its mother across species. Every child craves for its mother. The presence of mother itself is healing for the child. Motherhood has spontaneous healing impact in the child. This healing is soothing, loving and mother energy that releases blockages and allows healing to take place.

“Tri” represents the trinity. Three aspects of creation are BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. Trinity also represents the three powers – Will Power, Knowledge Power or power of awareness and Power of action or creation. Hence, the word TRI represents all aspects of existence. When the pure and eternal energy source combines with the power of will for creation, LIFE happens. Hence, the male and female aspect of each existence is united in creation as well as healing. Energy is the source. The masters who have touched the realms of the eternity have become one with the source or are deeply connected to the source beyond time. When the healer connects to his or her source, the flow of energy intensifies in them. When this energy is channelled with purest of intentions; just for healing the suffering of the healed without any emotional attachment, and purely as an aspect of eternal motherhood, great results can happen.

This healing practice is based on Mohanji’s teachings of oneness and liberation. Mohanji has opened up the source of tradition for us. He represents the tradition of liberated masters. Liberation from the birth- death karmic cycle cannot happen when there are blockages in the system. A smooth flow of energy in our psychosomatic system which allows or permits the person to experience beyond their limited identifications paves way for awakening to his or her true nature or potential. If allowed, the energy can penetrate to deeper layers and remove blockages created and stored from past events, including past life events. The therapeutic effect of mother energy is indescribable. The openness and willingness of the recipient makes it possible to perform the cleansing work. Here, the recipient is the key. Faith is important for healing to take place. The healer should have deep faith in the system. Healed should have deep faith in the system and the healer. Both of them should unite in the activity with faith. Faith is the key. When there is no faith in the source, automatically, the healer shuts the doors within. Healing cannot happen.

About Mai-Tri healing



Types of Mai-Tri Healing

There are three types of Mai-Tri Healing offered: Individual healing, Group healing and Distance healing (usually done over Skype).

Individual healing is done in person and takes approximately 30 minutes. Its effect is felt immediately as well as within 2-3 days after the healing. The need to cry may arise and should not be suppressed. It happens as certain painful impressions from the past/subconscious mind surface in the conscious mind while being released. Right after the healing one feels deeply relaxed and blissfully dizzy with energy. Purest Love touches one’s being.

Healing is also offered over Skype for individuals and groups. The M Healer connects to the individual’s energy and asks Mohanji to send his healing energy to each person.

Healing done in person, there may be a huge release of blockages which may physically manifest as crying, physical pain, or sudden emergence of emotions.

For pregnant ladies and children, Mai-Tri Healing is milder and is done primarily for health purposes, rejuvenation and protection.

To book a healing, please feel free to contact

Moreover, do feel free to request any prayer you may need by sending an email to and you will be added to the fire sacrifices done at Datta Tapovan ashrams.

At present, Mai-Tri Healing is available at following locations:

  1. Datta Tapovan ashram in Durban, South Africa
  2. Datta Tapovan spiritual center in Novi Sad, Serbia
  3. Belgrade, Serbia
  4. Distance healing for groups is available via Skype on request to


Apply to be a M Healer

Since it occurs at such a deep level, Mai-Tri Healing is a great responsibility and requires a proper initiation. Only those who are initiated into Mai-Tri Healing and enrolled into Mai-Tri Healing registry will be allowed to use this modality of healing. Mohanji Foundation does not recognize anyone’s healing using Mohanji’s energy if they have not been initiated and enrolled in the registry, i.e. taught how to connect with Mohanji’s consciousness while performing the healing. Other healing modalities are not to be mixed with Mai-Tri Healing.

In order to be initiated, the prospective healer should fill out the M Healer Request Form and should send the same to This form will then be evaluated by the Mai-Tri Healing Board.

From the three levels of Mai-Tri Healing mentioned above, at present, only Level 1 initiation is possible as it takes minimum two years of practice using Level 1 Mai-Tri Healing in order to increase the frequency sufficiently to qualify for Level 2.

Healers initiated into this healing level are empowered to heal only individuals and cannot perform group healing or distance healing.

Eligibility preconditions for this level include:

  • Having a strong connection to Mohanji’s consciousness which is tangible and can be felt within.
  • Having an already established practice where he/she intends to act as Mohanji’s instrument to heal people
  • Having spent at least two years getting familiar with Mohanji’s teachings and living the same
  • Chanting of Mai-Tri Healing Gayatri mantra minimum 108x each day for 41 days in a row, which in itself is a powerful cleansing process
  • Non-violence at all levels which includes vegan diet and sattvic lifestyle with no forms of addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.)

Healing is happening through you and you are just a channel. When you remain as a channel, and when you remain objective and neutral, this is ok. Otherwise you will become baggage for garbage..” – Mohanji