Himalayan Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji, Rishikesh | 14th – 22th Sep 2018

It is with great pleasure that Gurulight cordially invites all you lovely souls to the


to reconnect with and rejuvenate your inner self, in the picturesque land nurtured and purified by Mother Ganga and surrounded by sacred and powerful Himalayas — RISHIKESH.

To be spiritual means to be YOURSELF, to be natural, to connect with oneself — recognizing, understanding, and merging with oneself — MOHANJI

Rishikesh, known as spiritual magnet and yoga capital, is the perfect place to discover yourself under the esteemed guidance and teachings of Mohanji.

For most of us, the pace of daily life is pretty hectic. Because we are always on the go, there isn’t much time to think about the things that are truly important in life or deal with things or emotions that act as a deterrent to our growth – personally, emotionally, and spiritually. At the Himalayan Retreat, the pious surroundings, peace, and solitude will provide a chance for you to get away – to take time to reflect, refresh, and renew. You will be able to focus on your inner cleansing and step out of the fast-paced rhythm of your everyday life, all of it taking place in the powerful environment of nature, within Mohanji’s consciousness and physical presence, under His direct guidance. Retreats are not only for difficult times in your life – they are also for those times when you are feeling really happy, fulfilled, and are thankful for all the lovely blessings which have come your way. What would be a better way to deepen your spiritual connection with the Almighty or your Master to whom you are so grateful!!!

To just be you — it is enough to be what you are and express your true nature. A Master can help us reach ourselves. The thing required from the disciple is full attention, openness, and discipline with love. Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to experience the inner bliss and lightness.

The primary focus of this retreat will be on detoxing on all levels, through each of the five body elements. The levels on which cleansing will be done are the following:

Cellular Level — Through Mohanji’s super intensive “conscious breathing,” as well as through other pranayams.

Physical Level — Through yoga asanas, conscious walking, carefully picked sattvic/vegan food, and early-morning water therapy.

Emotional and Intellectual Cleansing — This is the most significant process, given the day-to-day material lives we lead, and the impressions we build in that process. First level of awareness building and cleansing is through discourses and Q&A sessions with Mohanji. While His presence alone has a very intense purifying effect, satsang is a beautiful medium for this transfer and connection. He delivers knowledge and guidance with directness and simplicity, perfectly tuned to an individual’s requirements. The other method to bring our wandering mind to the present, is the practice of different meditations like Power of Purity, 360 degrees, Bliss of Silence.

Spiritual Level: Through Shaktipat (the element of fire)

We will also be visiting some places of power/energy centers in Rishikesh during the course of the retreat.

Kindly register for the “Himalayan Retreat with Brahmarishi Mohanji in Rishikesh” by writing to contact@gurulight.com and experience the positive vibrations, compassion, peace, and stability.

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