How to overcome jealousy?
How to overcome jealousy?

How to overcome jealousy?

Jealousy – where does it come from | Mohanji

Jealousy is appreciation in disguise. Jealousy means what? Appreciation. People appreciate you, but they can’t accept it; that’s when it becomes jealousy.


When I appreciate you and I can accept it, I’ll come and tell you, “Well done, congratulations”, so the jealousy part doesn’t exist. But when you appreciate somebody, and you cannot accept it, it becomes jealousy.

We have no antidote for it, but we can choose not to be jealous by telling the person, “I like what you do, I love you”, or whatever and however you want to say it. This is it.


When you like somebody or when you like something, tell them this is better. So that you will feel better, they will feel better, and you don’t have to contaminate your mind.

But for some people, it is always like that; one man came and told me he really hates me because I’m very effortless. I told him, “You don’t hate me; you hate you for not being effortless, and so you’re projecting it onto me.” Then he said, “I have a lot of pictures of you in the house. When I look at them, I feel very angry; that’s because I can’t be like you.”

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