Informal Satsang with Mohanji in Mumbai

Brahmarishi Mohanji was in Mumbai on a short trip in the midst of his travels. Despite his hectic schedule, He made Himself available for his followers and conducted an informal satsang.

Many in the audience shared that they had recently been yearning / calling out for an opportunity to meet Him and their prayers were answered! There were some first-timers as well who were drawn to this gathering. During the satsang, Mohanji answered several questions in his typical humour-laced style. While many went into deep silence, others laughed, some cried and by the end of a blissful 90 minutes, Mohanji had filled everyone with lightness and happiness. The session concluded with aarti to Mohanji and deep gratitude to all the Masters who bless us with their grace and love..
Some comments from the participants: “Today it was my Dhanteras Diwali and New Year” “I have absolutely no words to express my sincere thanks to the organisers. Truly we are indeed so very blessed to be in the glowing presence of our Guruji Shri Mohanji” “Thanks to everyone. Words fall short to express my gratitude”.

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