Organisations Inspired by Mohanji

The Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) is dedicated to propagating traditional yoga, i.e. the essence of yoga as per the original teachings codified in the scriptures by Maharishi Patanjali. HSTY’s mission is to promote a culture of yoga and make it accessible to all of mankind, beyond boundaries of country, religion, gender, class and wealth.

GuruLight brings quality publications, products and programs to your doorstep. Central to its mission is the promotion of ethical value based products and services which contribute in a positive manner to the life of environment and society at large. They strive to bring in quality books and literature to inspire and educate people in moral and spiritual values through biographies and philosophical works of various authors, spiritual masters and noted public figures.

Inspired by the teachings of Brahmarishi Mohanji, the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is being set up as a global movement with the clear objective of promoting the highest human values such as compassion, kindness, unconditional love, caring and sharing beyond all man-made barriers.

The goal of WCA is to establish an ethical, impartial and holistic lifestyle across the world. A heart of compassion and self-inspiration for a selfless lifestyle are the only criteria to be part of this movement. . Our constant question to ourselves is “What else can we share with the world around us?” We live a rich inner life through our attitude of selflessness and humility.

Healers without Boundaries was founded with a vision to provide specialised medical care free of cost to people who can’t afford it or access it. This could be across all kinds of medical specializations, all ages and for both mind and body – physiology, psychology/psychiatry, adult/pediatrics.

As a first step, medical consultations are offered to anyone needing a primary or preferably a secondary opinion on significant/serious medical conditions.

Veganism is a lifestyle. It’s more than just a diet. From the toothpaste you use, to the clothes you wear, why even the car you buy, and so much more, there are aspects of veganism that are involved in each of these.

Vegan First wishes to gather this information together, package it beautifully and have it delivered to you. The concept of Vegan First as a brand was inspired by the teachings of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He has touched a million lives across the globe and has been the driving force behind this vegan venture. He set us on the path to a cruelty-free, compassionate and happy lifestyle. We’re happy to take the baton forward and spread his message to more people.

Inspired by Mohanji, Ahimsa Vegan Café’s goal is to provide delicious freshly made vegan food. In addition to showcasing how versatile, wholesome, nutritious, and delicious vegan food is, Ahimsa Vegan Café aims at reducing, and eventually eliminate, animal suffering. With a firm belief that our beautiful planet is a shared space for all living beings to enjoy a happy and harmonious life and will thrive if we live together with love, respect for each other and compassion, Ahimsa Vegan Café stands true to Mohanji’s words “Ahimsa is my Religion”.