Interview with Serbian TV Channel K1 News

Interview with Serbian TV Channel K1 News

Mohanji appeared as a guest on Serbian TV Channel K1, on the morning TV show “Uranak” on Friday 28 May. Mohanji was one of the participants of the global conference, “The role of an individual in overcoming conflicts in a polarized society”, organized by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

Mohanji along with Ana Divac appeared on the morning show and spoke about the approach to resolving this important issue. He pointed out that we need to start from ourselves. “We are the only authentic investment. What we have may come and go, but what we are, that is the real investment. Each person on this planet, 7,5 billion people can invest themselves and in that way help creating a better world. That is the movement I would like to see”, said Mohanji.

He mentioned that the two foundations, Mohanji Foundation and Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, decided to work together, not only in the Balkans, but also in the USA. “By joining our strengths we become more powerful and what we’re doing becomes more successful and purposeful”, said Mohanji.

Talking about the construction of the Peace Centre in Serbia, as one of the joint activities of the two Foundations, Mohanji emphasized that it would be the decisive step towards having one constant activity in the region. The Peace Centre would be the place where young people from the whole region could come to work on themselves in order to attain inner peace and realize their greatest potentials. “If you accept yourselves the way you are, with all the strengths and weaknesses, you will gradually build that peace. The moment the outside world stays outside, we are peaceful”, Mohanji concluded.

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