Kailash with Mohanji

“Kailash, just like our third eye, is supremely important, as the pillar or a key control point of the eternal universe. When a man touches his feet in the soil of Kailash, his journey of life becomes meaningful, fulfilled and his life becomes complete.”

                                                                                                                                      ~ Brahmarishi Mohanji

Welcome to Kailash with Mohanji Pilgrimage

The journey to Kailash and back, over lifetimes and over centuries, has resonated within countless souls. Over a fifth of the world’s population finds the echo of Kailash in its deepest aspirations and purest goals. Among the thousands of the devout who ever tread this ground, this year only a small group will have an opportunity to experience something truly special and life-transforming. This August, a small group of people will open up to the profound mystery of Kailash in the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji, allowing the mighty Kailash to envelop them on the most sacred journey of the lifetime!

With love and gratitude, Team Mohanji invites all participants to this holy pilgrimage to Mount Kailash to be held from 05th August 2019 until 19th August 2019

Highlights of Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage

Lake Manasarovar & Kailash Parikrama

Visit to sacred Lake Mansarovar and Kailash Parikrama

Powerful temple visits

Visit to Pasupathinath Temple, The Budhanilkantha Temple of Lord Vishnu, Yama Dwar, Gauri Kund – ‘Lake of Compassion’.

2-day Special Spiritual Ceremonies

Spiritual Yagnya (fire ceremonies) never before conducted in Kailash:

Shraardh ceremony (offering to seek ancestors blessings)

Lagu Rudra yagnya (powerful fire ceremony forkarmiccleansing                         and to bring prosperity).

Kailash in Mohanji’s Words

Kailash! The world of Shiva! The world that encompasses all worlds! Only one thing really matters in this journey – GRACE.

Kailash stands in the middle of many mountains, like the eternal Shiva Linga. Clouds constantly perform “abhishek” (ritual bathing of the deity) on the Linga. The Shiva Linga represents the Supreme Lord, The Eternal Parabrahma. Only when Shiva calls can one touch the soil surrounding Kailash. It is the ultimate destination of every man. It is the abode of salvation, the ultimate dissolution. Kailash reflects everything that makes life on earth. Being one with Shiva! Being Shiva!

The abode becomes the Lord. In front of the “eyes” of a true devotee, Kailash attains the numerous bhaav (flavor) in accordance to the constitution of the one who witnesses it. The ever-shifting clouds form its costume. They also display the faces of celestial beings who come to worship the Mighty Shiva, as if welcoming them. The rare vermillion sky becomes the bindi between the eyebrows of Goddess Parvati (Lord Shiva’s consort). In the moonlit night, the garlands of the unpredictable winds become Shiva’s exhalations. Every stone, every cloud, every bit of air chants aloud “Om Namah: Shivaaya”! Only those who have the “eyes” to see and “ears” to hear will witness the glory of Shiva everywhere. Every breath is His grace. Only Grace Matters.

The whole earth is important. Yet, Kailash, just like our third eye, is supremely important, as the pillar or a key control point of the eternal universe. When a man touches his feet in the soil of Kailash, his journey of life becomes meaningful, fulfilled and his life becomes complete.

Important Announcement

  • This year, Mohanji will meet all pilgrims directly at Mansarovar, and not at Kathmandu.
  • Pilgrims will have an opportunity to participate in the special ceremonies in His presence. (refer to the itinerary)
  • Pilgrims can also take dips in His presence and take His blessings. However please note that Mohanji may not be taking dips with the pilgrim group. 
  • The Mirror Called Kailash

    The energy of Kailash, just like the consciousness of a Master, is like a mirror – when approached with ego, expectations, concepts and doubts, it will reflect back to us just how small and fragile we are. But when we truly surrender, empty ourselves and with utmost humility allow ourselves to simply experience/feel Kailash beyond any of our existing concepts, it is then that we can behold Kailash in its grandeur and allow its energy to work on us deeply. As Mohanji said, “Nobody leaves Kailash empty handed.” But the depth of the experience depends on our receptivity and eligibility….

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    The Mirror Called Kailash
    Devi Mohan
  • The Kailash Within

    Kailas parikrama with Mohanji was a secret wish, a yearning that Mohanji fulfilled. My only intention was to go and melt with Kailas, it’s a vortex which keeps calling you, pulling you like a magnet. From books and others’ experiences it seemed like a physical place which is all powerful, peaceful and transforming. But Kailas was much more than just that, it was much more than I had anticipated.

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    The Kailash Within
    Palak Metha
  • My Kailash Experience

    About a week before my scheduled departure I was told to apply for an Indian visa, since I would be going there after the trip. I made the application. It usually takes a minimum of 5 working days to process, which would have been absolutely just in time for the flight over. It came through in 2 days. This was, of course, Mohanji working with his usual flare and style. I imagined a scenario wherein he said: “I do my job.” That is exactly what he said when I saw him.

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    My Kailash Experience
    Hein Adamson
  • Kailash - The power of His Grace

    On the day of the Parikrama we were allocated our ponies and porter and I thought that I should get Mohanji’s blessings before starting. I touched Mohanji’s feet and he said ‘you will do well’. With this blessing I decided to walk with Mohanji for a while. I started walking and followed in the footsteps of the guru. As I walked, the pony and porter went ahead without me. Therefore I carried on walking with Mohanji while he pointed out the faces of Kailash, the caves and other points of interest. About 6 hours later I found that with His grace I had walked the whole of the first day!

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    Kailash - The power of His Grace
    Vijay Ramanaidoo