Kalpataru series – He knows best
Mohanji looking straight ahead

Kalpataru series – He knows best

by Shivani Manghani, UK 

This Testimonial is a very small example to show how Mohanji works his magic to ensure that his devotees are always protected from the world’s adversities.  

To give a brief background, I have never met Mohanji, but I feel a sense of deep connection to him after listening to his knowledge sharing sessions on several platforms. However, I have spoken to Subhasree, a Mohanji Acharya, and the one thing that stayed with me after the conversation with her was, “Welcome to the Mohanji family! You have a strong connection to him, without it, you would have never called.” 

This particular incident that I’m writing about happened in the last few months. My husband and I have been thinking of moving houses for about five years now, and it has just never happened. With our son having no outdoor space access, we decided to take another chance during this pandemic. We had seen this particular house that we loved and offered for it on the same day. The sellers decided to respond within a few days after they got all the offers on the table.  

As I’m quite superstitious, the one thing that bothered me was the house number. The house number was 71, which when added up, adds to number 8, which is not an auspicious number. However, I brushed that to the side as the house itself was amazing.  

The one thing I prayed to Mohanji during this process was to bless us with a house that is best for us, and I just kept my faith and patience in him.  

A few months later, after several rounds of negotiating, our offer finally got accepted, and we were delighted. Time passed by, and for some reason despite our offer being accepted, the process of initiating the purchase did not commence, so we decided to let this house go. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed; however, in my heart, I knew that Mohanji knows what’s best for us.  

A few weeks later, we saw another house around the corner, and there were close to 15 people waiting to view this particular property. My hopes were close to nil, considering the competition. 

When we went to see the house, the one thing that struck my attention was the house number…. Number 9! This was Sai’s number! We were super excited as we are ardent Sai devotees. I still didn’t raise my expectations to avoid disappointments; however, deep in my heart, I trusted Mohanji.  

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