Know Yourself – Retreat with Mohanji, Serbia| 06 – 10th June 2018

Know Yourself – Retreat with Mohanji, Serbia

The big spring cleaning of our inner space under the alert eye and guidance of a realised Master – the last and the longest programme within the “Spring Awakening with Mohanji“2018 on the Balkans.

At the time when nature is waking up, let us make use of Mohanji’s presence to deeply (re)connect with our Self. As an accomplished Master, Mohanji brings us a number of simple techniques which help us to take a dive within ourselves and clear our inner space under His guidance. By entering our inner space and spending time in silence, we open the door to deep and permanent changes which influence our character and life habits. With unconditional love as a basis, Mohanji takes us over the imaginary borders of our mind and directs us towards liberation from all attachments and towards the final unification with ourselves and the universal Self.

The programme includes the daily practicing of different techniques in Mohanji’s presence: conscious breathing, meditations, conscious walking and other. Early morning water therapy, yoga according to the Himalayan Traditional School of Yoga programme under the guidance of the yoga instructor Devi Mohan, and vegan diet will additionally enhance the detox on all levels: cellular, physical, emotional and spiritual. At the same time, Mohanji works on dilluting and burning our accumulated karmic “baggage” and raising our overall frequency, while the acquired wisdom and clarity help us maintain a peaceful, stable, and happy inner space long after the Retreat, regardless of the circumstances.

The retreat “Know Yourself” will take place at the “Ceptor Andrevlje” Hotel from 6th till 10th of June. You can apply and obtain all the necessary info at Due to high global demand, the places will be allocated on the “first come, first served” principle.

Registration for “Know Yourself – Retreat with Mohanji”
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