Experience deep gratitude, inner richness and get empowered to face any challenge of life more effectively

Awakening Yoga Nidra meditation

What is awakening yoga nidra?

Awakening Yoga Nidra Meditation is a method guided by Mohanji and conducted by Devi Mohan (www.devimohan.com). It is based on the ancient method of effective, progressive relaxation called Yoga Nidra (self-induced, conscious yogic sleep)

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful method of inner cleansing, balancing and empowerment done in the alpha, receptive state of the mind.

Awakening Yoga Nidra however goes a step further than the standard guided Yoga Nidra Meditation: 

– the Grace of Guru Tattwa (the Guru Principle within) is invoked and, 

– as Devi connects with the higher consciousness through her spiritual guide, Mohanji, she guides the group through a process of intense inner cleansing, bringing back the memory of the Soul’s journey and the Light beyond all the veils of illusion. 

What emerges from the unconscious mind during the cleansing part of the process is exactly what one is ready to face, integrate and absorb at that moment in time. Love and gratitude which are experienced are immense and are the key to the inner healing process.

Devi Mohan Guiding participants to AYN
Devi Mohan conducting Awakening Yoga Nidra at Sedona Retreat

It is important to note that this is not a hypnotic state, as one is partially aware that he/she is lying on the floor in Shavasana (i.e. the “corpse pose”) and following the guidance. However, a vivid and profound inner journey is experienced through the inner senses as they are fully active in this deeply relaxed state. The process is very intense but completely safe.

Awakening Yoga Nidra can be done comfortably by people of any age group and fitness level and requires no specific preparation. After light warm up exercises of Traditional Yoga (HSTY), one relaxes in the comfortable lying position of Shavasana and simply follows the guidance provided. 


Through guided Awakening Yoga Nidra meditation one gets empowered to face any life challenges by strengthening the connection with the inner witness (sakshi bhaav), the key to our ability to rise above pain in any challenging moment of life. 

Other benefits include balancing of the left and right side of the brain and speeding up the process of self-healing and spiritual awakening. 

Most importantly, the intense inner thirst for spiritual liberation in this life is enhanced many times over! 

Even if one only briefly touches on the “no-mind” state (a timeless state devoid of thoughts), they may emerge from the Awakening Yoga Nidra session birthed into a new reality – blessed with a deep, palpable feeling of inner richness, gratitude and empowerment.


If you have any questions regarding Awakening Yoga Nidra or would like to host a session, please contact us at  devi@mohanji.org.