Mohanji Energy Transfer

Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET) is a sacred gift of the Datta Tradition to all genuine spiritual seekers. It adds a deeper dimension to Mohanji’s meditations and its powerful effects are experienced by thousands of people across the globe. Mohanji Channels source spiritual energy through Mohanji’s consciousness and deliver MET through their hands to recipients’ forehead and crown chakras, according to guidelines that are shared with them when they become a Channel.
Mohanji’s intention is that MET transmits spiritual energy similarly to when he gives Shaktipat. MET is experienced as the most loving, warm energy that helps the recipient to achieve alignment of body, mind, intellect, ego and spirit. When we are more aligned, we spontaneously become more receptive, which helps higher awareness.
While MET is primarily given during Mohanji’s guided meditations, it can also be done at certain other times as long as the space is sanctified and certain other conditions are met. An example could be after Conscious Walking, for instance, if it is a conducive environment.
It is only given person to person and by individuals that have been formally designated as a Mohanji Channel by the Sadhana Team or who were previously initiated by Mohanji to do so.  If you are not sure if there is a Mohanji Channel in your area and would like to find out, or if you simply wish more information about Mohanji Energy Transfer, please write to the Sadhana Team at
If you feel strongly connected to Mohanji and would like to serve people in your community by becoming a Mohanji Channel, please also write to  There are certain lifestyle commitments required of Channels that will be more fully revealed by the Team after you write to them.