Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 11
Day 11 Lesson - Next to the fire

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 11

by Christopher Greenwood

I wanted to share some of my personal experiences living with Mohanji, or more appropriately, living next to the fire! I have to admit that it is not easy at times, and that is because patterns and comfort zones are being continuously broken. It is uncomfortable, and the pace and variety of activity mean plenty of situations where these surface. 

Mohanji isn’t concerned with emotions or feelings either, which means whilst he is here to guide, it’s myjourney to work through. His interest is in transformation, and when you get closer to the fire, you either transform or get burnt. Transformation is your evolution, and being burnt is the comfort zones pulling you back. There is no middle ground.

There hasn’t been much time for me to reflect on my experiences while they were happening, but I hope that this message gives insight and feelings of what it’s like being next to the fire – Mohanji. 

I feel this is the same for all people working closely with Mohanji and within the Foundation. We are day by day, given the opportunity to break our patterns and free ourselves from the binding of our comfort zones.

Over the past few days, I’ve shared some general lessons that I’ve learned from Mohanji – some stories and some more information about the Foundation and the platform’s activities. And today, I wanted to talk about a personal experience – living with Mohanji. It’s been probably eight months now. And it’s related to something which Mohanji said the other day, I heard him share it, and I’d heard it before. But it prompted my mind to think about sharing this – and it’s that living with a Master is incredibly difficult. 

When you’re looking at Mohanji from afar or a Master from afar, it is fine because there’s a safe distance. But as soon as you come close, that’s when the heat really starts to happen. That’s when it really starts to turn on. And so what happens in that situation as people get closer and closer and closer to the fire? There are only two options. One is to use that for transformation, which means you have to break through patterns to break through comfort zones. Or the second one is that you get burned, which generally means running away. There’s no middle ground, especially within this path. And as he says as well – this is the path of no-nonsense. And he’s purely interested in transformation: an individual’s transformation, their spiritual growth, their evolution, however, you’d like to call it. So how they feel, how they are that day, their emotions, all these types of things are of no interest really. And I understood this quite early on when I was finding it quite hard. I now understand (from reading the books actually, I read this, and now I’ve experienced it firsthand) that the Guru or the Master knows what you need to move through whatever patterns that you have. So we are a walking, talking bundle of patterns, inclinations – everything which we carry. We’re basically an expression of our karmic baggage, or ‘garbage’, as he said the other day. We’re just walking and talking all the time. 

So they (the Masters) can see this, and they know what activity is good for you, to move you through it. Basically, to move from a state of tamas, inertia, laziness, procrastination, where these habits are binding and ruling and controlling in the comfort zones being served all the time, day in, day out. It requires selfless activity, karma yoga activity so that the weight is reduced. 

So he (Mohanji) described it this way: at the moment when you first arrived, it was as if you were on a bed and you had a big magnet on your back – you couldn’t even get up, you couldn’t even lift yourself up. So through the work that he has provided, he can at least sit up from the bed, which is a big, big effort. And so what that means is constant activity, new activity, changing activity. You start one task and then are quite quickly diverted to another. There’s another session, someone else to speak to, another meeting to arrange, another task to complete, another board to join, constantly, constantly, constantly. And there’s really no way that it’s possible to completely keep up. And that activity drives momentum. 

So quite quickly, I reached a point where I just couldn’t cope. I was becoming, ‘this is too much.’ I would be eating a lot, probably emotionally eating, which made me more tired, lazier. And one morning, we sat down, we spoke, and it was quiet. He was attending to messages. And quite out of the blue, when I thought we’re going to talk about something else, he said, “You know what is amazing – you’re here, in my presence, you’ve got activities, and you’re becoming even more tamasic. Absolutely amazing!” I was completely shocked. And the conversation followed, “If you’d like to go back to the UK, you’re more than welcome. Remember that you’re not bound here. I want you to remain free. And if it ever gets too much, I’d much rather you just say, admit it to yourself and leave everything in good order so that nothing is left untidy, because that would be really bad. So yeah, you’re free to go. But remember where you’re going back to – you’re going back to your patterns, to your comfort zones. And this is the path here of no-nonsense. You have an opportunity to transform, an opportunity to evolve. But that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. There’s always free will. So you’ll be welcome to leave as well. So, being next to the fire, either transform – or get burned and leave.”

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