Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 12
Mohanji looks ahead

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 12

by Christopher Greenwood

I wanted to share an example of the dynamic nature of how Mohanji works and also how the teams support and put into action the new ideas that come from Mohanji. 

I am responsible for the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program, which is bringing Mohanji’s teachings to the corporate world. For roughly eight months, I’ve wrestled with putting the teachings into a solid format and structure that will set it apart from various other corporate training programs. We ran a series of the pilot format, but still, we hadn’t caught the essence or spark that would set it apart. With a new team, we had made more steps forward but still not reached a full launch. 

Mohanji called me into his room one morning, and within 20 minutes, set the vision and format for the program. He also asked me, “Can we launch this immediately?” Now, I always interpret these as a question to myself. Do I believe we can make this happen in time? Mohanji says that belief and attitude are everything, and being with him, he empowers all activities fully. 

We discussed and agreed to launch immediately with the Mohanji Platform heads and active Acharyas to recognise their commitment and dedication. In that 20 minute discussion, the program was set, and within the next four days, we had completed the first session of the program with a group of 135 people from all corners of the world. 

Time to unlearn. Re-establish. Reborn. 

The Path of Liberation. Being Buddha.

This is the dynamic movement that Mohanji delivers. We have much work to do in the world.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing very well and are enjoying these messages. 

Today, following on from yesterday, I wanted to give an example of the really dynamic nature of working with Mohanji, and how now we’ve developed a really great team in the office who are really flexible, can be equally dynamic, so that when the ideas come, we can put them into action immediately. And here is an example of that. 

As I mentioned in my first lesson, our mantra or motto is – no postponement, no delay, no tomorrow; it is now. And these aren’t just words that I am sharing. We, in the office team, are living this motto. And the example that I’m sharing today is about ‘Investment in Awareness’, the corporate program. For the past eight months, I’ve been wrestling with bringing Mohanji’s teachings to the world of business. As stated in the tagline, it’s about creating ethical businesses, which operate ethically both externally and internally. Ethical externally means that businesses are utilising rather than exploiting the earth; their practices and their products are durable, ethically delivered, and things like this. And internally ethical means that employees are cared for and looked after. 

On the individual level, we’re looking to take people to a very, very high level of acceptance of themselves. That’s because when people accept themselves, they’re optimally efficient, they’re more productive, more content in life, happier and more stable. So, lots of stress is reduced. 

So for months now, we’ve been working for eight months, maybe even longer. And I’ve run various pilots, even one with my company. We ran a pilot also internally here with some of the organisations, and we had different formats. The program was mainly focused on meditation, breathing, and some yoga. While we were working well as a team, we hadn’t really caught the spark to take it forward, that real oomph, something that would set us apart. 

So I decided to disband the team to refocus around what was the core of the program. In this second phase, we have progressed some more with the new team, and we had a small launch on Diwali. We’ve been making steady steps, but we were not fully ready for a real launch. 

So then, last Wednesday, Mohanji called me into his room in the morning. He said he wanted to speak to me, which for me is always a nervous moment, being called to speak to Mohanji, not knowing what it’s about. My first reaction is usually racking through my brain and notes to see which of the 30 or 40 things on the list should have been done and hasn’t quite been done yet.

But he said he wanted to talk about the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program. And he had an idea. So he said: ‘Sit down. See, I was thinking this morning; I didn’t have much to do.’ And you know, that’s always a bit of a joke when he says ‘I didn’t have much to do’ because he’s always busy. So he said: ‘This took me 20 minutes, have a listen to this. What do you think?’ He then basically laid out the whole vision for the program, from start to finish, at a high level. He asked: ‘What do you think?’ And I said: ‘Well, that’s just absolutely fantastic.’ I mean, he completely wrapped up everything in a proper framing and in an understandable way. And it’s going to be something incredibly impactful for people. So, I said: ‘This is fantastic. It’s really great.’ And he said: ‘Okay, good, in which case, we’re launching this now. Launch it now, immediately.’ 

He continued: ‘We’re going to launch this to our teams. For all the people who have been contributing over the past year, I want this to go to our country heads, board members, teams, and active Acharyas for all their contribution and work. And I will conduct the program myself, but it has to happen now.’ So this is the type of direction which you get, or what the team and I get; he gives us an idea or a concept. And then, it’s up to you to make that happen as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

And this program is really great. So the tagline is about ‘time to unlearn, re-establish, reborn’. And also, it’s about the path of liberation, about being Buddha, essentially. So, it’s really fresh. The program comprises ten sessions, and it’s for those who have consistently invested themselves in the foundation and the platforms, displaying tremendous conviction and sheer determination to bring this mission into the world; for those who’ve been self-inspired and have made a positive difference with their presence.

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