Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 6
Mohanji in Arunachala

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 6

by Christopher Greenwood

The past few days have seen me encounter some of the practical lessons I’ve picked up living with Mohanji, and today I wanted to share a story which taught me through experience, that there is much more than I can perceive.

Mohanji has said many things happen in and around the house as many people/beings frequently visit it. This is a story of a disabled celestial crow that arrived at the house. We looked after her, and after she passed away, we received a very unexpected blessing.

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. In the past days, I’ve shared some of the more practical lessons that I’ve learned since living with Mohanji. And today I wanted to share a story, which for me, happened at the house and confirmed that there’s more happening than what I can perceive, and what I can experience. So through my limited terrestrial eyes, I can only see a certain amount. But this was something which really opened up my awareness to other possibilities.

I know that other people who are close to Mohanji see him working in many other ways. For example, Mai-Tri practitioners and Mohanji Transformation Method practitioners see the incredible work that he does for people. For me, though, it’s very matter of fact, practical. I think that’s probably the best because, in my role, I need to be able to function practically, if I started having visions or experiences, I’d probably lose focus quite quickly.

But saying that, I know more things are happening at the house – an example of which was a disabled bird that arrived at the house. Now usually, we put out food for all the birds and the beings. Mohanji has also said before that many beings come to this house to take food. From time to time, as we’re eating, they come, and he points out a different looking bird, usually the really majestic crows. He explains that they’re celestial beings coming to feed from here in the form of a bird. One can actually notice a difference because we have a local family here – the same birds, the squirrels, and also a cat that comes by day-to-day. But these are often much more different and distinct in looks.

One day a disabled crow, whose whereabouts we were unaware of, managed to find its way into the garden. Its legs were badly deformed so that they were bent underneath which rendered it unable to stand or fly. It would almost flap, and then it would fall forward on its beak and use the same to drag its body and crawl along the ground. So it was a combination of just flapping and pulling itself along. We provided it with some food, and she stayed for some time. She would sit out there in the garden at the back where there was food for her. It was quite nice; she quickly became very comfortable here.

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