Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 8

Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 8

by Christopher Greenwood

I have always wanted to use my talents and skills for a positive impact in the world, and I’m happy to be able to do that with the Mohanji Platforms. I’ve been able to meet beautiful people and full hearts from all over the world and contribute something positive to the world.

Besides the outward results, I’ve learned that this work brings deep purification for our karma, including our lineage karma, i.e., our ancestors, our children and our children’s children. 

We inherit the merits and demerits of our family lineages. If our ancestors did good things during their lives, we receive this, and if they have done badly, we also take the share of that burden. We essentially inherit more than we know. 

Sometimes it is the lineage that can hold us back in life. Selfless service or Karma Yoga brings strong purification, and Mohanji has founded various platforms for the world where it is possible for everyone to serve in their individual capacity. When we are serving in any of the platforms, we are both serving the world and ourselves. 

It’s good to remind ourselves that Mohanji does not need any of it. It is not for him. It is for us, our lineages, our purification, our liberation, and for the benefit of the world.

Good morning everybody. Today, I wanted to talk more about Mohanji platforms and Karma Yoga because Mohanji said that one of his greatest achievements would be the Mohanji platforms. This isn’t because he wants any recognition or praise. It’s because of the benefits the platforms bring to the world and the people working selflessly across these platforms. If I put the ideas and thoughts about Mohanji being a spiritual Master, it’s really his work, and the platforms are something I connect to. It’s what he talks much about because he’s actually putting into practice what he speaks and giving back to the world, adding value every day. 

I’ll just quickly run through these platforms one by one because maybe there are some people who don’t know the extent of them; we have the Mohanji Foundation itself, which is focused on the programs, the teachings, the practices and methods that Mohanji has provided. There is Ammucareand ACT Foundation which have been established since 2003. They provide education, hunger relief, health, disaster relief, serving the helpless, giving dignity to the poor and much more.

Side by side, we now have Act4Hunger, which is purely a food distribution platform. We also have the disaster management platform, which has been set up mainly in the Delhi region, in preparation for any major natural disasters, such as earthquakes or even man-made calamities such as riots. They’ve got a response team and a training program to support that. 

We also have the World Consciousness Alliance. This platform is raising awareness about human consciousness through the performing arts, entertainment, and interviews with notable speakers. The Early Birds Club cultivates strong, stable people through a powerful morning routine of waking up early and doing positive affirmations. It is subdivided into Early Birds Clubs for adults, teens and kids. There is also the Mohanji Youth Club, the Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Language, Dance, and Martial arts, which are teaching these modalities (yoga, language, dance and martial arts) based on the original authentic teachings. 

And then we have other platforms, too, such as the Altruistic Association of India, focusing on performing altruistic activities. There’s Invest In Awareness, the corporate program bringing the teachings to the business world and creating ethical businesses. We have media outlets, such as Guru Light for pilgrimages and book publications, the Awakening Times, an online magazine, and finally, M House Media. 

When you see the range of platforms, it’s really extensive. I think anyone working for these platforms can tell you that it brings a real sense of self-esteem because we’re working for a much higher cause. Actually, something I didn’t really know until living with Mohanji is that there are many subtle benefits of being a part of these platforms, benefits which are not so obvious to us with the eyes. This is especially important when you consider karma yoga, the act of serving selflessly.

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