Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 59 & 60
Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 59 & 60

Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 59 & 60

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 59 Lesson – Facing the fear of society 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re all doing well. 

When I look at Mohanji and his life, I see it’s far from ordinary. I’ve never met anyone who has had to face such severe adversities in life – such as the loss of his daughter Ammu, betrayal in a business where all was taken away, instances where people have tried to control him, many who have betrayed him, and even character assassinated him. This was by some of those who were the closest to him at the time. 

I think such adversities for any person would have completely destroyed them, but Mohanji has kept going on. Even now, when he faces challenges, it’s no problem. He takes it as it comes. He’s truly fearless. I feel it’s like a ‘bring it on’ kind of attitude, contrary to boasting as it is confidence with a warrior-like approach to life and whatever the situation, its real fearlessness. Hearing the stories of his life and simply observing him, I began to admire his fearlessness and still do. 

I used to be very worried about what others might think about me, about what I said, and how it’d be interpreted. I remember the days, just out of University, I had just started my working career, it would take me maybe an hour to write a simple email just to ask somebody to do a job because I was really worried about what they would think – what they would say. It was very over-polite, over-complicated, and very apologetic for asking people to do their job. 

Over time, I developed the confidence to face those fears and fit comfortably into ‘ordinary’ society. It became natural, but when it came to staying with Mohanji, there was a different fear when I became an Acharya, mainly as this life is very different from what I have within my usual circle of friends and family. I was worried about what my friends might think and what others would think, especially when I began to speak about meditations and making videos on various topics in early 2020 when Corona had just taken hold. 

An element of this was still there when I came to the house as well earlier, as I’d speak to Mohanji then, and I would tell him that what he was saying were fantastic insights, and more people should know about them. Once in a quiet, matter-of-fact manner, Mohanji said, “Yeah, they should. You should make some videos and speak about it.” I had a big resistance to this, and it was definitely pushing up against my comfort zone, and one that I could feel would be good to break. So I was happy to move forward and push through that. 

Still, when I was doing those videos, it meant many retakes because I was very overcritical. My inner voice would always say, what would people think, how will they interpret this, but what helped me and what I learned was seeing how Mohanji always approached these situations – head-on and unapologetic. 

He had told me before that there can only be two outcomes for people and society; one is that society accepts you and enjoys you, or two, the society rejects you. That’s it. That’s pretty much what the two options are within society. 

He says, for those who reject you, it’s no problem. Not everybody needs to like you, and they shouldn’t like you because there are 7.5 billion people out there with their orientation and uniqueness. 

I’ve seen he is this way too with people, especially when people connect to him – if they connect to him and they’re receiving transformation, he’s very happy because their life has been improved; they give more to society. Yet if people don’t enjoy him and are not so interested in what he’s doing, he’s also okay; he has no problem. In fact, in his very first podcast, he said that he’s actually happy in some ways if people decide he’s not for them because it means he doesn’t have the responsibility. 

One of the biggest learnings here for me has been facing that fear of society, and it wasn’t until I started to overcome this that I realized that by holding on to those fears, which were rooted in an insecurity, I was actually denying my own experience which was smothering my own truth and this was hurting no one really but myself. 

I’ve had several experiences of transformation in my life because of Mohanji. Since living with him for a long period, I’ve learned new dimensions of what he is. For me, it’s the reality of what I have experienced and observed. I was feeling reluctant to share this because of fear of what others would think, but then I realized that I denied my experiences, my existence, and denying a big part of my life. Creating these daily recordings has been facing and overcoming that fear. Now I am very happy and thankful to Mohanji for that inspiration and energy to break through this, as now it allows me to be more natural. That’s how I feel.

I also understand that some people will accept me, and others will reject me because this is how society is. And I’m fine with that, but most of all, I’m happy that I can begin to accept myself more and overcome these fears and live my experiences. This was one big learning that I was contemplating this morning.

I have shared a link below to the podcast on fearlessness, facing fears that Mohanji has shared before as well. Have a great day.


Day 60 Lesson – The programs continue 

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