Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 83 & 84
Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 83 & 84

Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 83 & 84

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 83 Lesson – Mohanji’s Story: “The trap.”

 Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing very well today. 

Yesterday I shared a short story about Mohanji’s trip to South Africa. Today I wanted to share another story, which is more personal, about Mohanji. He shared it during one of our morning conversations some time back. I was reminded of it again, not long ago, because we visited Kerala, where the story originated. 

I was really shocked by this story, actually, because I hadn’t heard of the levels of manipulation that someone would go to; it was unbelievable. I feel that this story echoes some of Mohanji’s qualities, how he approaches life, and also two great qualities, which have been the source of many problems in his life. 

1. He trusts people completely, 100% (Whoever comes to him, he trusts completely).

2. He can’t say no.

Now he has a good team of people around him to support and help with that. But this is from a time when that wasn’t the case. It was when he was based in the Middle East. 

Mohanji especially likes serving, and through a friend, he was introduced to a Swami and also to an ashram in Kerala. Every time he returned to India, he would spend his time there and serve. Over time, going back there regularly, he became more connected to the Swami and started to share, speak about many topics with him. 

At that time, Mohanji was going through a divorce with his ex-wife, and Swami said he could help. He began to intervene and suggested using his lawyer. Mohanji naturally trusted him and agreed to this, but the aim (which Mohanji found out much later) was manipulation; the Swami had a different intent. 

At the time, Mohanji had released the Power of Purity meditation; when Swami heard about this, he also wanted his own meditation, so he asked Mohanji if he could help. Of course, Mohanji was happy to take another opportunity to serve, and he wrote a meditation for him. As with everything, Mohanji goes the full way. He arranged for all the music to be organized, the recording, the production, the whole process, a complete package. Apparently, now the Swami still has just this one meditation, and he makes an absolute fortune from it. 

The main story is that Swami’s lawyer managed the divorce process. Mohanji didn’t know that the Swami was manipulating the lawyer to submit papers and draw out the divorce in a way that would trap Mohanji. 

By chance, or by grace, Mohanji met a friend in the Middle East, whom he knew from his youth, and they were talking about life and catching up. Mohanji told him about the divorce, and his friend asked him how long it had been going on. Mohanji told him it had been going on for about five years now and that his lawyer was fighting as hard as he could. This friend was shocked and said that the process of divorce usually takes about 6 to 12 months maximum as it’s a straightforward thing and that there was no need to fight really; it’s a process. 

Mohanji’s lawyer friend was not happy with what he had just heard, so he asked if Mohanji could pass on the papers to him to take a look and help him out. Mohanji agreed, but he didn’t have the papers as they were with the other lawyer in Kerala. Mohanji’s lawyer friend went to collect the papers, and he called him immediately; he was really angry because what had been filed was completely contradictory to what the lawyer had told Mohanji. 

Mohanji and the other half (wife) had said that they just wanted to have a divorce – (both parties were amicable to the divorce). But what was on the papers that had been filed was that the wife had run away, and Mohanji wanted her back. This meant that it was going to and fro between the courts and the lawyers for a long time. It was complete injustice because it had been set up; I think it would have been contempt of court; it would have been very difficult because the case would have been thrown out, and they wouldn’t have gotten a divorce. Mohanji wouldn’t have even been able to leave the country again because he would have to be there with the responsibility to take care of his wife. So Mohanji’s head was inside the lion’s mouth.

The lawyer friend took it on himself because of this injustice, and he wanted to help Mohanji. Although he couldn’t guarantee a successful outcome, he said that “With the blessing of Sai Baba, we would give it our best shot and see what we can be done.” Mohanji agreed to this. 

Obviously, Swami’s lawyer and the Swami weren’t happy about that. But when they took it back to the court, the judge couldn’t believe that there was now a new position after five years of working through this case. So the judge said, “Cancel the old case and start a new one.” 

That was a real blessing because the process could be started afresh. It was a simple thing because when the judge asked Mohanji what he wanted, Mohanji said, “I just want a divorce,” and the same reply was on the other side too. There was no blame; there was no fault. It was a very open and honest situation. Mohanji was happy to provide whatever was needed from the other side. Everything that she had brought into the relationship; all the gifts that Mohanji had provided to her; all the jewellery and everything, he was happy for her to take it. Only one thing he wanted was the earrings that Ammu was wearing when she lost her life. That’s the only thing he asked for, and that was the agreement. 

On the other hand, the Swami was not only manipulating Mohanji’s wife, saying that Mohanji had lots of money; he was telling her not to give him a divorce and to make sure to get all that money from him. Also, the Swami was looking to entrap Mohanji on both sides. I shall explain why in a little bit. It ended up that Mohanji had to go to his people whom he trusted to pull together the money. Everything got pulled together; it was deposited in the court’s jurisdiction so they could see everything. Then he settled everything, so it was all done and finalized. Later on, he paid everyone back as well. 

All this happened because there was a prediction that Mohanji would be very famous in the future, and the Swami knew this. The whole calculated plan was to bring Mohanji back to this ashram, to have him there so that people would come to visit him, and the Swami would be making lots of money from it. 

I really couldn’t believe this story when I heard it. I’m sharing it with you now just as an example of some of the situations that Mohanji had to face in his life because I haven’t heard this before.

In the end, the judge was very surprised because there was no contempt or animosity between Mohanji and his ex-wife; they were laughing and speaking well to each other. Even at the end of the proceedings, Mohanji also shared that if any time there’s a problem, he’s there, just a phone call away. 

I hope you enjoyed that story. For me, it was a real shock to hear about this Swami and the levels of manipulation he orchestrated and the potential problem it would have caused to Mohanji in his life. 

Have a great day, and speak to you soon.

Day 84 Lesson – Reminders

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