Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 87 & 88
Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 87 & 88

Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 87 & 88

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 87 Lesson – Serious practitioners

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

This morning we woke up in a hilltop location, close to the land we’re visiting today. We arrived late last night (I think it was close to 12 am) on this winding, bumpy, narrow track, right to the top where we are now located. This morning we sat on a veranda looking at nature, the surrounding areas of the hills and the trees. It’s a peaceful, quiet, and tranquil setting with clean air and silence—ideal for practice. 

Mohanji just shared with me a quote from a scripture, and I’ll read it as he spoke it. He said, “That which falls into the ocean will be destroyed. For those who do not listen carefully, speaking to them is futile. It’s wasting time. The knowledge you give to a fool is wasted. So there’s no point in teaching science or scriptures because it won’t be practiced. And whatever you offer to a fire pit that’s not lit is wasted. It is of no use.” That’s all that Mohanji said about this. What I took from it is not to waste time because Mohanji has shared so many teachings and insights into life, but until we’re practicing it and living it, what’s the use at all. 

The place where we reached today is a location close to Chikmagalur. We’ve come to visit a land, which will be a very exclusive centre for serious seekers and practitioners. That’s the vision that Mohanji and the team have in mind. It’s a very remote location. When we arrived last night, the air was really beautiful and sweet-smelling. There was no light pollution, so there was a completely clear night sky full of stars, completely lit. In the distance, you can hear the sounds of nature, the birds squawking in the morning. 

This location has been the place of sadhana or practice for over 1000s of years by really serious masters, and very close by, there’s a Datta Peetam. Also, there are lots of caves underneath the area, where people in the past have seen sages emerge from. The idea is that this location will be where people can come and really be with the silence, observe silence, and practice their sadhana intensely. It is a really exciting concept!

We arrived late yesterday, after a trip to Idagunji, where there’s a standing version of Ganapati (Lord Ganesha). It’s been there for hundreds, if not 1000s of years, and again, as we reached, Mohanji was warmly welcomed as if somebody was coming home. They recognized him and sat him down, and he had this elaborate pooja they conducted for maybe 45 minutes, which we weren’t expecting. A grand reception indeed!

Soon after that, we were back on the road, a long journey, probably six or seven hours of these winding tracks, to reach where we are now. Sitting in the morning, hearing that quote from the scripture, and recognizing the vision for this place, gave me a bit of new awareness or a bit of a shake. When we are moving from day to day to all the different locations, it can become quite intense. But it’s given me a reminder this morning not to lose track of all the teachings that have been provided by Mohanji and all the insights. They are very simple to put into practical life but aren’t going to be of much use unless they’re put into practice. 

If I were to condense that down, what I took from that short recital of the scripture this morning, is not to waste time. Definitely on this trip, when Mohanji has been speaking with the team here, he is extremely focused on moving all these spaces forward as quickly as he can so that more people benefit. We were also talking about the land in Ganeshpuri and the other land too.  

We are ready to go now, have breakfast, and then head towards the land to view it.

For me, the summary or the remembrance was that – everything that I’m learning is useless unless it’s being put into practice. Unless I’m applying it and making the most use of time, and that’s exactly what this trip has been about. Although we visited all these fantastic sites and had a warm welcome, there’s been a focus with the people here on how we can move forward all these spaces as quickly as possible, so that people benefit it, as quickly as possible as well.

I feel that is the same for all the platforms too. It’s a reminder that there’s no time to waste because the sooner things are done, the more people in the world are benefiting. 

I hope you enjoyed that. I’ll share a photo of the location that we have. Have a great day ahead.

Day 88 Lesson – Lessons in history

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