2 thoughts on “Machu Picchu with Mohanji, Peru| Scheduled in 2017

  1. Jai Mohanji!
    This is Ami in Johannesburg.
    Great to hear about the planned Machu Picchu trip with Mohanji next year.
    Please may I make a suggestion. ..
    A sacred trip to Peru is not complete without visiting Lake Titicaca. It is amongst the most sacred portals on the Earth. The Incans believe it is the birthplace of the Sun …. Vibrationally it is aid to be off the scales. Highly venerated.

    Are u planning vto to visit Cusco? It is situated in the Sacred Valley. If u are looking for accommodation, maybe u would like to consider Paz y Luz… ive stayef here on my trip to Cusco a few years ago….
    Are u planning to take in the sacred Ayahuasca experience. … I know of an Incan Shaman. He’s been to South Africa on many many occasions. There is a huge Andean Incan following in South Africa.
    Im hoping to join u on this awesome trip to Peru with Mohanji …especially to all sacred place …Lake Titicaca.
    Lots of Love
    Jai Mohanji

    1. I agree! Lake Titikaka and the Island of Sun and Moon (which is a bit harder to get to) are a must!
      Cusco as well, an amazing old city and the capital of Inca empire, but I’m assuming that must be included in the tour, I can’t imagine skipping such a powerful place.

      Not sure how the ayahuasca experience would play out with our group program, I don’t think it’s really compatible or necessary, but thanks for mentioning Titikaka and Cusco, those should definitely not be missed!

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