Sacred Homa – Merging into Shiva Consciousness

Sacred Homa – Merging into Shiva Consciousness

Sonia Gandhi, Australia – on her experiences from Maha Shivaratri Homa

After the Global Summit, we had people joining us for the Ramayana Trails pilgrimage on 21st February, which happened to be on Shivaratri. And with Mohanji’s blessings, Mohanji Acharya Rajesh Kamath, supported by Mohanji Acharya Ananth Sankaran, started the Homa around 6.00 pm that day. Such blessed instruments of Mohanji who conducted this Homa for 12+ hours without any breaks and with such intensity. It was overwhelming to see their dedication, focus and commitment along with others who were supporting the holy session.

We wrapped up the last session of the Summit and welcomed all those who were joining the Ramayana Trails. There was an opening satsang with Mohanji, which filled everyone with bliss. Love was flowing in every corner of the room.

Later, when we headed down to join the Homa, we were advised to sit for as long as we could. The Homa had already started in a beautiful location, next to the beach and under the sky with stars witnessing the sacred ceremony.

Mohanji was already seated there, looking intensely towards the sacred fire, as we arrived around 9.15 pm. As we were about to sit in a corner, Mohanji called us and said, “Come sit here!” (in front of him),  and that in itself surprised me.

I closed my eyes and with each chant, I was going deeper and deeper, as if Mohanji was taking me on a journey within. I was trying my best to be in sync with the others who were chanting, but after a while, my chants became louder, as if coming from the deepest corner of my soul.

I lost control over what was happening inside, and my voice was getting deeper and deeper and out of sync with the others. On one side, I was feeling bad that I was not chanting in sync with others and on the other side, believe it or not, I had no control over it.

Soon after, I could see myself in my previous lives; praying, singing and chanting in many lifetimes, yearning to be with Shiva. Someone learned had mentioned long ago that I was a Shiva Bhakta in my previous lives, to which I had not paid much attention to. In this life, my spiritual journey started with Sai Baba, who brought me to Mohanji.

I could see how my soul in every lifetime, chanted and chanted, and yearned to be in Shiva’s presence, to merge with Shiva’s Consciousness. Series of lifetimes were flashing in front of my closed eyes; making me realize that it was not just by coincidence that I got to sit in front of Mohanji; it was Mohanji fulfilling my wish, my yearning of lifetimes, by making me sit there and chant Om Namah Shivaya; from the core of my heart and soul, which was witnessed by all the five elements. Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, was present as Mohanji, my eternal Father and Guru.

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