Maha Shivaratri Satsang 2021
Maha Shivaratri Satsang 2021

Maha Shivaratri Satsang 2021

In this online satsang, on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, Mohanji answers questions from participants of a 5-day global event preceding and leading up to Shivaratri.

Mohanji: Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivaya! 

I talked about Shiva in an earlier video – I think most of you would have seen that video. The main point was that Shiva is a state

So, anybody in that state of stillness can be considered Shiva. Do not look at Shiva as a unit or an entity. 

He has to be seen as a Universe, much larger, much deeper, unfathomable; that Consciousness which is not bound at all.

He does not need any liberation because he’s not bound. 

So that kind of power, that kind of state, that kind of stillness is what we call Shiva. 

Another aspect is that the Ocean of Milk was being churned by the asuras (the negative forces/negative beings) on one side and the devas (the positive beings) on the other. They were churning the Ocean of Milk to get the Amrit, the celestial nectar. 

What does Amrit give? 

Eternity. So this was being churned and what came out first was a very powerful poison that had the capacity to burn all worlds. Just imagine, it had a tremendous capacity which can burn all worlds. 

And when it came out, no deva or asura could handle it. They were only busy churning the ocean. They didn’t expect this poison to come out first! Once it came out, they couldn’t handle it. None of the beings could handle it. 

Shiva took it in his hands, and he swallowed it. But he did not swallow it into the stomach – it didn’t go inside there. It just got saturated in his neck. And that’s the way he saved not only the Earth but all the worlds. Later on, came the nectar. Then the rest is history. 

So always on one side is the negativity, and on the other side the positivity or positive thoughts. They churn our mind all the time. 

What comes out usually is what’s stored: heavy poison, negative emotions, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge. All these come out, and they have the power to burn our world, every aspect of our world. 

And only a personality or a person or a state which has the power to contain it can save us. That’s why we have to have the connection to this kind of frequency, the frequency of Shiva. So, poison is everywhere. We can choose to handle the poison. And if Shiva had swallowed the poison, he would have died. If he had spit out the poison, the world would have perished. So, it stayed in the neck. 

Many emotions may come out from inside, but your world will be destroyed if you spit them out. If you swallow it for a long time, that means if you suppress it, you will be sick. This is our life: churning of this milky ocean happens in our life all the time. So it has to be very clearly understood. 

Shiva is a state that we aspire for. We all are trying to be in the state of Shiva: stillness, all-encompassing acceptance, oneness, oneness with Truth. 


The Beauty that emanates from inside when absolute purity stabilises in us, that’s Shiva. That’s why Shiva is amazingly beautiful. And Shiva is innocence. 

When you are fully with yourself, your only expression is unconditional love. When you fully accept yourself, when you are fully settled in yourself, when you see that everything around you is your own expression, all you can have is total acceptance, total love, unconditional love. And that love is without boundaries, beyond all man-made barriers, beyond all the dimensions that we can envisage, and it’s a continuous flow of love. 

This is why I call it a divine romance, all the time! Because all the time you are fully happy inside, fully contained inside, you see your brightness to the greatest potential or the highest brightness. And then you see everything around you having the same vibrance. Nobody is higher, nobody is lower, there are no differences of caste, creed, country, culture, species, gender. Absolutely no differences. There are no differences between lokas or worlds (all the worlds are frequencies).

So when we raise ourselves to the level of that frequency, we become one with Shiva. That’s why when people speak of the incarnation of Shiva, the incarnation of Vishnu, the incarnation of Datta, it means we have derived or arrived at a frequency. It is equal to the frequency, or similar to the frequency of those beings who we aspire to, or who we connect to. The frequencies that we connect to – we become that. 

Where your mind is parked, that’s what you become. Where your body is parked, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because the body is a tool for all these experiences, an instrument that will help us to experience Earth. But the mind – where it is parked, that becomes you. Hanuman parked his mind with Rama. And he became very powerful after all the siddhis, and nava-nidhis came to him. 

We have the great potential to be the greatest of possibilities of not only this existence, but all existence in all lokas; we have that power. But we limit ourselves with our limited thoughts and identifications. 

What is the main identification?

That “I am so and so, I’m this body”. The first identification is the limitation of the frame. The second limitation is the identification of the personality or the personality that we identify with: “I am this personality; this name”. The third identification is our relations: we identify ourselves in terms of others, in terms of relations. That limits us: “I’m so and so’s father”, or daughter or son or wife or husband or something like that, something which limits you. We are not any of these. All are role plays. This we have to understand. 

When we actually realise we are not any of this, that’s a time when we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. (Otherwise, it’s darkness because we are completely in the dark with our identifications and with our form, the frames.) 

Then we start seeing the Truth, finally. Then, liberation starts. Freedom starts when we unbind ourselves from all these things. Then, freedom starts to take root. Until then, we don’t know freedom. We think that freedom means freedom of the senses to do whatever they like. No. That’s not freedom; that’s slavery. 

They (senses) are only operating as per the vasanas or the inclinations. They will continue to operate as long as you have tendencies and inclinations. That’s not freedom. That’s binding. 

Freedom is when you are unbound from all things, all people, all relations, even yourself. That’s the state of Shiva. I hope this is clear. Now, I’ll take your questions.

Q: Thank you, Mohanji. Mohanji, today on Maha Shivaratri, we have a very auspicious homa that’s happening in the evening. You have very gracefully agreed to initiate this homa. People all over the globe are joining this homa from a distance, not physically. Could you please tell us the significance of Mahashivaratri Homa and how we can all still benefit even from being distant participants?

Mohanji: For this particular homa that we are planning today in Bangalore, a few people have already come here. All of them will be participating and continuing till morning. We have basically programmed it in such a way that this should help all the people who are positively connected to me (and their families) – so they be protected from all kinds of negativities, plus help to enhance their awareness to the highest possible in this lifetime. That is the intention or the Sankalpa of this homa.  

But many other factors come in the path. So, many different things will happen. This is particularly for protection and enhancement; these are the two things we need. Please remember: anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge are all our weaknesses. So we are not sponsoring any of this; we will not even look at them. 

What are we looking at?

The highest dimensions of a human existence: compassion, kindness, selflessness, non-violence, all those kinds of things. We are trying to enhance the greatest potential in people so that they can have an effective existence.

A lot of people are born here, and a lot of people die here. When they are born, people know a child is born. When they die, people know somebody has died. But while living, they do not have faces. 

We all have faces, and how we can have faces?  

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