Maitri Method


Mai-Tri Method is a profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing, which greatly enhances the natural, self-healing abilities of the recipient in the process of restoration of his/her inner balance at all levels of being.

Mai-Tri Method is performed by the initiated Practitioners of this method, who connect with the consciousness of Mohanji and then pass on the most loving, warm energy through their palms. The love and Grace in this energy is overwhelmingly pleasant, beautiful and sacred.

While passing through the chakras, the energy penetrates very deeply, all the way to the causal layer of our existence (the causal body) to address the root of karmic blockages. This enables the recipient to release deep patterns which cause physical and emotional ailments and imbalances. In turn, this release results in a beautiful feeling of lightness and accelerates one’s spiritual growth. Effect of Mai-Tri Method is very pleasant and enjoyable, similar to how one feels after a beautiful, deep tissue massage. However, the actual effect is much deeper than that of a physical massage. For hours after the session one can feel the changes taking place at a much deeper level.


As the deep patterns get released, clarity at the level of the mind happens as well. The recipient is thus empowered to become aware of key impressions causing imbalance, and to understand which unhealthy habits and behavioral or thought patterns would need to be changed.

It is important to highlight that Mai-Tri Method does not interfere with the destiny aspect of karma because, at the soul level, this is what the recipient chose to go through experientially. However, one could say that more than 80% of people’s actual heaviness and imbalances is not the destiny aspect, but a result of wrong habits, wrong understanding, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

Another important aspect of Mai-Tri Method is the honoring of energy exchange. Half of the funds that Mai-Tri Practitioners receive mandatorily go for feeding of the hungry and needy people, or other sentient beings. Immediate satisfaction of hunger of another being through selfless service adds to the depth of the cleansing and balancing effect of the Mai-Tri Method.

Furthermore, the Mai-Tri practitioner does not attach to the result, has no expectations and makes no promises.

He/she does not consume animal products or any intoxicants including alcohol and cigarettes, always nurturing the subtle connection with Mohanji’s consciousness.



Mai-Tri method

Mohanji started his public life as a spiritual Guide, as he humbly called himself, in the year 2007. As his teachings spread into many countries, and more and more people started connecting to his consciousness, many testimonials started flowing as to how people have been healed by connecting to His consciousness.




  • It is done in a lying position
  • Its effect is felt immediately as well as within 2-3 days after the session. The need to cry may arise. If so, it should not be suppressed. It happens as certain painful impressions from the past/subconscious mind surface in the conscious mind while being released. Right after the session one feels deeply relaxed and blissfully dizzy with energy. Purest Love touches one’s being.
  • If there are greater imbalances/illnesses or deeper issues to deal with, the session can be repeated 3 – 5 times.


  • The session is done on the chair as both sides of the body, front and back, are accessed at the same time. The effect is same, but it is always better to allow the time for the full session


  • It lasts 30 min and is done on distance, with a short introduction and post-session conversation done online or by phone. Energy is palpable and it is recommended to take these 30 min to simply rest and feel the energy. One should definitely not to drive a vehicle or perform any work where concentration is essential.


  • Only senior Mai-Tri practitioners conduct these powerful sessions for smaller or bigger groups of people. It can be done in person or via Zoon/online, with invocation of Mohanji’s subtle presence. During these sessions, there may be a huge release of blockages which may physically manifest as crying, physical pain, or sudden emergence of emotions.

For pregnant ladies and children, Mai-Tri is milder and is done primarily for health purposes, rejuvenation and protection.



Mai – Mother, Tri – Three, meaning Trinity as well as three shaktis (Iccha, Kriya and Gnyana); three aspects of Devi (Lakshmi (Wealth), Kali (destruction of negative tendencies within us) and Saraswati (knowledge), and three murti – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva combined together as Para Brahma. Trinity combined is also Lord Datta. The word meaning of “Maitri” is friendship, companionship, collaboration, united or simply togetherness.

Mai also means Mother. The word mother represents unconditional love, protection, care, consistency of emotions, continuity, life, creation etc. Mother also represents levitation as in the womb experience. Womb represents the creation as well as healing. A child finds solace, comfort, freedom and peace in the company of its mother across species. Every child craves for its mother. The presence of mother itself is healing for the child. Motherhood has spontaneous healing impact on the child. This healing is soothing, loving and mother energy is that which releases blockages and allows healing to take place.

“Tri” represents the trinity. Three aspects of creation are BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. Trinity also represents the three powers – Will Power, Knowledge Power (or the Power of Awareness) and Power of Action (or creation). Hence, the word TRI represents all aspects of existence. When the pure and eternal energy source combines with the power of will for creation, LIFE happens. Hence, the male and female aspects of each existence are united in creation as well as healing.

About Mai-Tri healing

Mai-Tri Method is based on Mohanji’s teachings of oneness and liberation. Mohanji has opened up the source of tradition for us. He represents the tradition of liberated masters. Liberation from the birth- death karmic cycle cannot happen when there are blockages in the system. A smooth flow of energy in our psychosomatic system which allows or permits the person to experience a reality beyond their limited identifications, paves the way for awakening to his or her true nature or potential. If allowed, the energy can penetrate to deeper layers and remove blockages created and stored from past events, including past life events. The therapeutic effect of mother energy is indescribable. The openness and willingness of the recipient makes it possible to perform the cleansing work. Here, the recipient is the key. Faith is important for healing to take place. Both, the Mai-Tri Practitioner and the receiver should unite in the activity with faith. Faith is the key. When there is no faith in the source, the process of balancing and self-healing cannot happen.



Mohanji on Healing

We all are natural healers; every man, woman and child naturally possess the capacity to heal themselves. Every bird, animal and reptile heal themselves. Healing is part of our constitution.

Healing is directly linked to an infinite energy source. Any Master who is connected to the infinite Source can be a true channel, medium or source. Those who connect to this Master can be good intenders. This is exactly how the Mai-Tri Method works.


There have been many beautiful testimonials of people who have experienced Mai-Tri Method. They can be found at Mai-Tri Blog

This is how some of the Mai-Tri Practitioners describe their experience of Mai-Tri Method

“The Grace that flows during a Mai-Tri session transcends healing – it reaches one’s very essence, invoking the sacred inner balance already gifted to each one of us by the Source. Mind will never believe it could be that simple…
In the heart of our heart, beyond the karmic blueprint spread over time and space matrix, beyond all the dramas of life, there is That space within, the sacred space filled with purest Love.
Like a loving bee extracting the honey, Mai-Tri brings you the taste of that sweetest of Nectar. And to taste it is enough to remember – to remember what we are longing for deep within.
Love is the path and destination.
May we experience lasting healing through that Love…” – Devi Mohan

“Mai-Tri is a soul impression release system that is acting on the deepest layer of our karmic and ancestral impression, DNA and neuron, to deliver an ‘impression-free soul’ that can ultimately merge as an energy with the highest consciousness, when the time comes.” – Subhasree Thottungal, UK
“As a Mai-Tri practitioner, I was a witness to many amazing miracles. We are so blessed to be connected to Mohanji and to be given this platform to serve. I have felt my faith and surrender grow exponentially since I was initiated into Mai-Tri Method. My connection to Mohanji’s consciousness has become deeper.” – Tina Arya, USA

Swami Mohana Bhaktananda offering Mai-Tri



To book a Mai-Tri session, please visit our webpage to choose from the list of the available Mai-Tri Practitioners in your country/region.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact mai-tri@mohanji.orgMoreover, do feel free to request any prayer you may need (for yourself and/or your dear ones) by sending an email to . Simply send the photo of the person that requires help, and you will be added to the Mai-Tri Method Box on which Mai-Tri Practitioners at various locations around the world work regularly through loving prayers and energy.


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Since it occurs at such a deep level, the practice of Mai-Tri Method is a great responsibility and requires a proper initiation. Only those who are initiated into Mai-Tri Method and enrolled into Mai-Tri Method registry will be allowed to use this modality. Mohanji Foundation does not recognize anyone’s energy work using Mohanji’s energy if they have not been initiated and enrolled in the registry, i.e. taught how to connect with Mohanji’s consciousness while performing Mai-Tri Method. Other energy healing and energy balancing modalities are not to be mixed with Mai-Tri Method.

In order to be initiated, the prospective Mai-Tri Practitioner should fill out the Mai-Tri Method Request Form and should send the same to This form will then be evaluated by the Mai-Tri Method Board.

From the three levels of Mai-Tri Method mentioned above, at present, only Level 1 and 2 initiations are possible, as it takes minimum two years of practice using Level 1 and 2 of Mai-Tri Method in order to increase the frequency sufficiently to qualify for Level 3, that is to work with bigger groups of people in person or on distance.

Healers initiated into this healing level are empowered to heal only individuals and cannot perform group healing or distance healing.

Basic eligibility preconditions for initiation into Mai-Tri Method include::

  • Having a strong connection to Mohanji’s consciousness which is tangible and can be felt within.
  • Having an already established spiritual practice and the pure intention of serving as an instrument of Mai-Tri Method
  • Having spent at least two years getting familiar with Mohanji’s teachings and living the same
  • Willingness to undergo the process of chanting of Mai-Tri Healing Gayatri mantra minimum 108x each day for 41 days in a row, which in itself is a powerful cleansing process
  • Non-violence at all levels which includes vegan diet and sattvic (balanced) lifestyle with no forms of addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.)

Healing is happening through you and you are just a channel. When you remain as a channel, and when you remain objective and neutral, this is ok. Otherwise you will become baggage for garbage..” – Mohanji