Meditations from Mohanji

From the first Power of Purity Meditation in Dubai 2007 till date, hundreds of thousands of people experienced Mohanji’s meditations. His meditations contribute to peace within the practitioner, his environment and society as a whole. They guide to forgiveness, gratitude and a harmonious life.

“We meditate to get in touch with our soul. To go within ourselves. To go beyond the senses. We use the same mind, which usually travels with our senses into the external world, to go within and to find our origin, truth or soul. Peace exists there. Happiness exists there. When we find our own soul as the original entity that transcended time and space and assumed various forms and names over years, we will realize its origin too. Its origin is the supreme Soul. When we understand or experience its connection with the supreme Soul, we assume its state too.”



A 40-minute guided meditation meant for inner cleansing.

Like physical body, if inner space is not taken care, it may lead to various diseases and afflictions. The aim of this meditation is to bring about deep inner cleansing which helps the practitioners to open up to ‘receive’ and ‘give’ love completely and enjoy the present moment with intensity by shedding the negative impressions in the subconscious mind.

Blockages at different levels – mental, spiritual, emotional can get removed, guiding one to forgiveness, positiveness and bliss.




A 75-minute long advanced meditation for higher awareness.

The 360 degrees awareness is experienced as the axis of a circle around the spine. It activates the higher chakras and is the basis for astral travel and telepathic communication with the higher Masters.

“When we shift our consciousness to the spine and to 360 degrees; the impact, the wear and tear of the events that we are exposed to in daily life, will be very less. Nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will affect us. Nothing will overwhelm us. You will maintain perfect equanimity and deep gratitude.” — Mohanji




A 30-minute guided meditation to connect to your infinite consciousness.

This meditation, channeled by Brahmarishi Mohanji, allows one to grow unconditional love that culminates in a feeling of containing the entire universe within them. This meditation teaches one to acknowledge and become familiar with their infinite consciousness, as well as understand their relationship with the universe. The meditation is best described by the phrases: Blossoms of Love. Springs of Love. Being Love. Fragrance of Love. It is especially suited for children who want to begin their spiritual journey.




A 30-minute guided meditation to expand your consciousness to reveal your true identity.

This meditation was channeled by Brahmarishi Mohanji while connected to a higher consciousness. This meditation is ideal for any spiritual aspirant, from a busy businessman to a teenager. It firstly helps create awareness of your own physical being, and slowly merges this awareness into stillness. At the point of stillness, the Guru principle is invoked in your own self and grace descends. You are merged into the protective embrace of oneness with the Guru principle. All this happens while you are guided to expand your consciousness.




A 10-minute guided meditation as a therapeutic solace for children struggling to cope with anxiety.

This meditation is a benevolent gift from Brahmarishi Mohanji that empowers children to blossom into vibrant young adults, exuding faith and confidence. The practice begins with using the breath to connect Mother Earth to the sky, which brings the child to a state of feeling light and free.  This state of freedom and lightness provides an overwhelming sense of liberation and total relaxation. They no longer feel trapped in their fears and soar high, feeling secure and confident.




Mohanji Foundation has set up centers in 17 countries to conduct his meditations on a weekly basis free of charge, to bring together like-minded people and to build a peaceful community. From schools, colleges to corporates many benefited from the meditations which are conducted by our trained community members. Our meditations welcome and give comfort to everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background. If you are new to meditation or practice for many years already, the meditations are equally beneficial to and can be practiced by everyone. Simply download them for free from the below links, find a quiet space to sit and let yourself be guided by Mohanji.If you are interested to start conducting meditations in your community as well, you are welcome to reach out to us. Our team can guide you on how to best conduct the meditations in public. Mohanji also developed methods that prepare us for the meditations and are part of group meditation session. Our team can guide you on how to conduct them and to develop a meditation community in your region.

“Through these meditations, we serve the society, unconditionally. I strongly believe that my spirituality is priceless. I am giving to you something that is priceless. This is why profound grace flows in our meditations. Ever since we started conducting the meditation, we have touched many lives positively. I am deeply grateful to the Almighty for that.”


Mohanji has appointed Channels to transfer His energy during meditation. This is called “Mohanji Energy Transfer”. The effect of Mohanji Energy Transfer is equivalent to Shaktipat, however the process is slightly different. It is a part-time state. Mohanji Channels first invoke Mohanji’s energy and then transfer His energy to others.



Can I pass on the meditation or conduct it in a group?

Sure, we encourage it. Many have been conducting the meditations as a selfless service for the benefit of society. The Power of Purity meditation is also being conducted at places such as shelter homes, orphanages, old age homes and blind schools. Our team can guide you on how to best conduct the meditations in public. Mohanji also developed methods that prepare us for the meditations and are part of group meditation session. Our team can guide you on how to conduct them and to develop a meditation community in your region. Please email to get in touch with our team.

During the meditation I experienced different and strong emotions. What was that?

When we release trapped energies, fears and anxieties, it has to go through the mind. We often do not know that there are so many emotions sitting within us. Actually what you experienced was not a meditation, but a cleansing process. This is why the same meditation, when it is repeated, gives different effects. You can’t clean your inner space within one day or one meditation. So, consistency is important and more so faith. When fear happens in our mind, hold on to faith. Deep faith overcomes fear. Allow emotions to go through you, through the mind and have faith that you are on the right path. How do you know that you are in the right path? If you are becoming lighter and feeling better, you are on the right path. If you are feeling heavier and denser, you are not on the right path. Life is all about simplicity. Everything simple is godly. Everything complicated is our mind’s creation.

How can I best set up my meditation space?

Although a meditation area or room is not essential, a dedicated space can greatly enhance your experience, allows you to relax, be free of all interruptions and distractions and meditate at your full potential. Make sure the light is dim, have 3, 5, 7 or 9 lamps burning (preferably oil lamp, otherwise candles are fine) and a slight fragrance of incense sticks. Pictures and idols of deities, saints and Gurus you follow will also help you to create your own sacred space. Make sure all phones are switched off. But please remember that, ultimately, meditation does not require any special arrangements. You can meditate anywhere, in nature, your home or a public space. Those who meditate regularly often experience the most powerful meditations are those done together with others. You can meditate collectively with your friends, family and community members. The energy of a group is stronger than that of an individual.

How can I maintain purity after practicing meditation?

Be aware of every thought, word and action. Whatever you take within should be pure. What is pure? Something which is not selfish. Something which is selfless. No rituals can bring that purity. Selfless actions elevate man to the highest. The emotional trash that we carry over lifetimes is the primary cause of terrestrial entanglement. Liberation is impossible unless this trash is completely removed. Prevention of further accumulation is essential prior to the effort for disengagement from it. Awareness is key.

I cannot meditate. What should I do?

Do not meditate. Never force anything on yourself. You will start hating it sooner or later. You can start with being aware of your breathing. Breathe consciously. Eat consciously. Drink consciously. Do everything consciously. It will give you the same, or an even better effect, than meditation. Doing meditation is an internal call.

I have been practicing rigorously, but lately I feel that I’m not evolving. Why?

Doing easily becomes a ritual. You will be chanting, but your mind will be musing on other matters. Evolution is not possible this way. Conscious efforts happen only as long as it takes to learn a mantra or practice. Then the sub-conscious takes over. It becomes a ritual. Conscious mind does not need to bother anymore. There is no evolution in this process. This is happening to most people. If we do not know exactly what we are looking for, we keep searching unconsciously and will not find anything. The remedy is conscious Sadhana or practice.

What do I need to meditate?

You don’t need anything except yourself. You can sit on a chair or in a cross-legged position on the floor, ideally on a carpet or yoga mat. Try to keep your movements minimal during the meditation and your spine always erect.

What is the chronology of meditation?

First is vasana (inherent interest to explore ourselves),
Second is knowledge (jnana – to satisfy mind and intellect),
Third is contemplation (mananah – to satisfy the intellect),
Fourth is meditation (dhyana – to go beyond the mind and intellect and reach the soul).
Then happens layana (merger), samadhi so on and so forth.

What is the right type of meditation?

The one that works for you. The best practice is being aware of your every thought, word and action. A constant alertness. Being in the present. When you are established in the present, through constant practice, you do not need to practice any other meditation technique. When you are a witness to your own thoughts, words and actions, you are in the present. Awakening will dawn upon you automatically, just by being in the present consistently. When you are in the present, karmic accumulation through unconscious action will also cease to exist. The present is your real gift. The real gift of being in the present is awakening.

When can I practice the meditation?

You can practice it at any time of the day, everyday, once a week or whenever you feel the pull. It is your choice. We recommend Brahmamuhurta time (3am till 6am), when the atmosphere is charged with special spiritual force.

Who can practise this meditation?

Our meditations are for everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background. If you are new to meditation or practice for many years already, the meditations are equally beneficial to and can be practiced by everyone. Simply download them for free from the links, find a quiet space to sit and let yourself be guided by Mohanji.