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  • Shirdi Ashram
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With Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings, the land for Mohanji Datta Tapovan Shirdi Ashram has been acquired. The Ashram is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the newly opened Shirdi airport and 12 kilometers from the Samadhi Mandir.

This land is significant for two major reasons – its location in the sacred land of Shirdi – the abode of Sai Baba – and it is also the first land acquired for Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashrams. Mohanji has performed the Bhoomi Pooja (land worship ceremony) on September 2nd 2018, the auspicious day of Janmashtami (day of Lord Krishna’s birth).

With the blessings of the Tradition, we look forward to all the future activities in the holy land of Baba 💖

  • Datta Tapovan Ashram Canada
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Breathtaking Countryside property covering 100 acres is situated in Amaranth just an hour’s drive from the Toronto airport. An incredible property rich with diverse landscape features including wetland, pond, forests, an old railway line and well groomed trailways. Upon entering Datta Tapovan you immediately notice the natural light that cascades throughout the House & the 180 Degree Tree View. It also houses a big hall used for various activities and events.

Datta Tapovan was inaugurated by Mohanji on August 23rd, 2018 when he did the pranprathistha (consecration) of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Datta, he also unveiled the idol of Lord Ganesha.

After the praanprathistha Mohanji mentioned, “Put your hand on Shir Shirdi Sai’s heart, its live now, I gave a part of me”. On another occasion Mohanji mentioned that “This is wish fulfilling Baba”, we have many devotees coming to us and sharing their experiences of how Baba fulfilled their wish. Guests came from around the globe to visit this unique destination to reflect, and reconnect with nature in a tranquil oasis nestled in Amaranth’s spectacular town, north of Toronto. Mohanji Datta Tapovan, Canada has a full time priest and every day all the Aarti’s are offered to the deities.

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3 hours away from Bangalore, hidden from traffic, pollution and noise, in the lap of Datta sits a land called Mohanji Datta Tapovan Revathi Farms, a perfect epitome of blissful stillness and silence. The land is closely located to a popular Datta Peetham and adjoins an ancient Shiva temple with an interesting tunnel like structure supposedly linking to the Datta Peetham. The locals believe the temple to be the seat and samadhi of a powerful siddha from centuries ago.

The land has a natural fresh water stream that flows through it throughout the year. The place is pristine and isolated from civilization yet with a tinge of modernity with access to electricity, telecommunication and transportation. This land will pilot use of water conservation and purification technologies that enhance the positive vibrations of water.

With the grace of the Tradition, this would be a spiritual power centre for the generations to come focused on serious practitioners and advanced sadhana (spiritual practices).

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Only a day after Mohanji received an award from Zulu king in South Africa and formed Consciousness Alliance, on Nov 12th 2018,  the purchase of the land for Mohanji Datta Tapovan ashram in Slovenia was finalized. The exact location of the land is in Drazen vrh, Municipality of St. Ana, and size of the land is 48,536 m2.

Slovenia is chosen as the country of the ashram in Europe because Mohanji wanted to keep it accessible to people from Former Yugoslavia, and at the same time to be in European Union and Schengen and good connectivity and easy access. 

With regular weekly meditations, Devi Mohan has started spreading the teachings of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga and people have started connected in most beautiful way. It is already evident that the new spiritual centre in St. Ana found a fertile ground and that it will surely transform many lives of people who come to the ashram and those who live in this blessed area.

  • Datta Tapovan Ashram Serbia
  • Datta Tapovan Ashram Serbia
  • Datta Tapovan Ashram Serbia


Among the Balkan mountains, at the tri-point of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, lies hidden a Garden of Eden with magnificent views and enchanting silence. Far from the city zone, a land rich with raspberries and other fruits, intersected by a rivulet and surrounded by pristine forests stretches for more than eleven hectares.

It is a great blessing to have this gem of nature as the place where Mohanji Peace Centre will be constructed, a centre to serve the generations ahead and help them return to the true values – peace, non-violence, unconditional love, kindness and compassion, which are also the essence of Mohanji’s teachings.